KK Emoji Keyboard Review

One of the many advantages of Android is that you can customize it to your liking. Changing the keyboard has been for years one of the most important features of Android, one that others just recently started to imitate, without much success. Thus, the keyboard category in the Google Play Store is very competitive, and customers are now demanding innovative features and good performance. KK Emoji Keyboard packs a huge amount of features into a fluid keyboard, with tons of add-ons and themes to make it your own.


  • Setup screen is beautiful.
  • Astounding amount of features and add-ons.
  • Amazing performance.
  • Several options and input languages to choose from.
  • Premium version for approximately $3.85.


KK Emoji Keyboard Setup
The setup process.

When launching the app for the first time, you are shown the setup screen, which has a shaking button indicating what you should do next. It’s a small but nice touch that makes the tedious process of activating a keyboard in Android a little more enjoyable. After enabling the keyboard and setting is as default, you’re finally ready to venture into the app’s depths. Unfortunately, after such a beautiful first impression, a full screen ad completely disrupts the otherwise painless setup process.


The first thing you’ll see after setup is the astonishing amount of free themes available for download. You can browse through them by category, featured, top rank or see the ones stored on your device. If the KK in the name stands for KitKat, then it’s very appropriate, since the default theme is very similar in design to keyboards shipped during the Android 4.4 era. However, with the impressive number of themes at your disposal, you’ll definitely find something that suits your needs.

KK Emoji Keyboard Themes
The wealth of themes KK Emoji Keyboard offers.

When opening the navigation drawer is when you start to realize the magnitude of this keyboard. The amount of customization available is almost intimidating. From sticker packs to emoji plugins to a gif gallery, this keyboard has it all. You can customize the color of the gesture trail. You can change the keyboard’s wallpaper. You can have a row on top of the keyboard for emojis only. You can even change your key press tone to a dog barking. Even though having your keyboard bark is fun for exactly 10 seconds, the sheer quantity of things you can customize and add is truly impressive.

In an effort to entertain customers with flashy stuff, some keyboards forget about delivering a good typing experience. This is not the case at all with KK Emoji Keyboard. Typing on it is fast and fluid, and the key press popup does not lag. The delay between touching a text input box and the keyboard appearing is almost negligible. Auto-correction works almost flawlessly in English and Spanish. Suggestions are good and helpful, too. There’s also voice recognition support powered by Google, as is the case in many keyboards.  

KK Emoji Keyboard
KK Emoji Keyboard in action.

Options are similar to what’s offered in Google Keyboard. Input languages (with dozens of languages available), text correction aggressiveness, and contact names suggestions are all present. Notably absent is the choice of learning words from your social media. There’s also a tablet mode, for those of you using Android on a 7+ inch device.

Finally, there’s an option to go Premium for $3.85 (the actual price in your country may vary). This removes all ads and gives you the choice of removing and customizing the toolbar at the top of the keyboard. Also, there’s the promise of more premium features in the future, and the warm feeling of supporting the developer. It is important to mention that during my time spent with the app, I received one ad in the notification bar, something many of you consider unacceptable.


It’s nice to find an app that simply works, and that’s the case of KK Emoji Keyboard: a high functioning and customizable keyboard that is only mildly hampered by the occasional ad and the dated default theme. When you have competitors such as Swiftkey, Fleksy, Google Keyboard and Swype, it is important to deliver a strong product in order to stand out. I now understand why 10+ million people have chosen this to handle their communications. I highly recommend the KK Emoji Keyboard app.

Download from the Play Store.

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