Your time is one of your most valuable assets. It’s a finite resource that you should set a premium on spending. There are many services that look to help you manage your time. KosmoTime is a new entrant to this market and tries to add some unique methodology to create a premier environment of task management.

Easy Signup

To start you really just want to aggregate all your sources from your calendars. Thankfully, KosmoTime allows this to be fairly painless with Google and Microsoft sign up options. You choose the appropriate accounts you want to link at sign up and those calendars are siphoned into your new KosmoTime account.

Chrome extension

The next step to fully take advantage of KosmoTime is the Chrome extension. Yes, you’ll have to be using Chrome, or a derivative to utilize some of the features. While I understand this is the most popular browser platform, I really hope KosmoTime eventually brings Firefox support as well.

Despite this, the setup process walks you through the extension installation with little fuss. Once installed, you’ve got all the building blocks to use the essential options we are about to deep dive into offered by KosmoTime.

You can also bookmark websites into KosmoTime and create tasks based on the page. Maybe you were reading an article that applies to a project you recently started at work, well you can bookmark this in KosmoTime and attach a task to this new idea.

Sprint to the finish

KosmoTime wants you to be as quick and efficient at closing tasks as possible. The Sprint is key to this philosophy. You create a Sprint by choosing a time and then adding multiple, small tasks to this time slot.

This batch concept pushes the idea of adding several related tasks into a single checkbox will make you more efficient in your day. I loved this concept. You usually have tangent goals that may overlap criteria.

Normally, you may tackle these separately and still get to knock them off the schedule. However, with Sprints, you keep those ideas together allowing you to check those boxes quicker.

Focus more, fewer distractions

The Sprints won’t work if you don’t have focus. KosmoTime believes this as well and utilizes Focus blocks to secure your attention away from distractions. Once a Sprint is created you then add those tasks to a time block.

These Focus blocks are then paired with the Chrome extension to ward off other tabs. While you are in a task from a Focus Block, the extension limits the URL websites that Chrome can access. This ensures you stay on point and stay honed into your Sprint tasks.

Once you’ve toggled those tasks closed, you are then presented with the option to reopen those previous tabs. It’s a forceful solution but sometimes we humans need blunt force to make things happen.


Having your calendars is great, but sometimes you want additional hooks to tasks you may have that live somewhere else on the internet. KosmoTime has a couple of extra integrations worth a mention.

Asana is another great task manager website and app but doesn’t have some of the time management features of KosmoTime. Once you link the two services together you get simultaneous change from one to the other. Complete an Asana task with a Sprint and it’s closed in both.

There is also Slack integration. This allows for notifications to your team and users via your Slack channels. KosmoTime pings the groups once tasks are assigned and again on completion.

No mobile apps

If we had to point out one downside to KosmoTime is the lack of mobile apps. There’s no iOS or Android dedicated application. While I get that this ties to the need for the web and Chrome extension for a full-featured experience with KosmoTime, it would be nice to at least manage your tasks and create Sprints while on the go.

Get it together

KosmoTime may not be for everyone. Many people like a simple, line for line approach to task management. However, I’d argue that KosmoTime has a compelling product that combines that process with great time management.

The Sprints and tab block of Focus Blocks are a potent combination to make you more efficient. Pair that with the calendar syncs and integrations, and KosmoTime could be the service you’ve been waiting on.

Be sure to head over to KosmoTime’s website for more information or stop procrastinating and sign up today!

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