With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, businesses are constantly on the hunt for professional productivity tools. The tools need to be feature driven, easy-to-use, and enable employees to work more efficiently.

LiveBoard:RealTime Whiteboard is available for download via Google Play. InConcept Labs has created an application tool to visualize and explain concepts in real-time and share across the globe.


The setup is simple. Download and install LiveBoard from Google Play. Once installation is complete you are greeted by a tutorial splash screen. After looking over the tutorial, you are free to create shareable content.


On my initial use of LiveBoard: RealTime Whiteboard, I had a few options to create a new whiteboard.

Broadcast– broadcast allows you to create content on a whiteboard where viewers without an invite can follow along.

Invite– you are able to invite users to view the whiteboard content that you are creating.

Once I made my selection on how I wanted to share my content using my whiteboard, the application turned white with a small menu with tools to use at the bottom of my screen. The available tools are a pen, shape tool, eraser, text tool, text color options, and an undo tool. While using LiveBoard: RealTime Whiteboard, I couldn’t help but think this is a bootleg version of Microsoft Paint, with fewer features and resized to an Android screen.

When I created my first document, I quickly discovered that you can change the default pen size, add photos to whiteboard from the camera or gallery.

The first few attempts to share my documents with friends were unsuccessful. When my friends received the email they got an error message that said the displayed content was unavailable. Not to be defeated, I tried numerous times to figure out what I was doing wrong. What I discovered is that you first have to invite the users to view the broadcast. Once the broadcast is complete you can then email the users to view the content. That was the only way I was able to make it work. Maybe the developers can consider other sharing options.

LiveBoard: RealTime Whiteboard is a good concept, but it is not feature rich enough or able to keep up with other productivity tools that are available like Google Drive, Evernote, GotoMeeting, etc.

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Target Audience

Sharing content real time and broadcasting content using the whiteboard, LiveBoard: RealTime Whiteboard was attempting to reach business professionals that need to correspond and get information to one another quickly. Secondly, LiveBoard: RealTime Whiteboard targeted teachers, and students where they could visually correspond with one another on questions about homework problems or clarification on an unclear topic.

What we liked

  • Ability to share drawings and notes
  • Start a session without having to create an account

 What we didn’t like

  • Basic design
  • Lack of features and clear direction
  • Ability to add photos but can not edit them.


I understood exactly what the developers were attempting to do with LiveBoard:RealTime Whiteboard, but the execution was lacking. The design is just a bootleg version of Microsoft Paint. There are some really useful productivity tools that a company can use such as Slack, Google Keep, and Evernote in place of LiveBoard:RealTime Whiteboard. LiveBoard: RealTime Whiteboard feels like a beta app or a first attempt at Android Development and I have a hard time recommending this app to anyone with better options available.

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  1. I decided to give this a try cuz I needed something like this app for a while and I haven’t found any good ones on the market. It is very simple (yeah kind of like paint) and functions perfectly for me.
    The only trick is with the real time sharing that it has to be between two android phones or tablets so no web, but that still works for me cuz most of my students have android phones. There are no delays for connecting and viewing smone’s board so I’d actually recommend it though the article doesn’t.
    Though it’s not for advanced drawing if you like a tool like that.

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