The phones we purchase are nice devices, we spend the money to get the best.  Some people spend as much on their phone as they do their PC or maybe even more.  So we should only be as respectful to them as we are with our home computers.  Lookout Mobile Security watches over your device in three ways.  This app has the options of being a security/anti-virus scanner, backing up your phone’s internal data, and last but certainly not least a “Find my Phone” feature!

The first piece to this application that I mentioned was the security/anti-virus scanner.  This will check every app you install and automatically updates when new dangerous apps are discovered.  You are also able to run a full virus scan just as you can on any personal computer.  This can be scheduled to run as often as needed, or only on a you say so basis.  Scanning 143 applications for virus/malware only took about 45 seconds. Of course zero viruses were found :)

Pretty much everyone has gone through the horror of losing data.  Thankfully, Google was very smart with their contact syncing when they developed Android.  Even though that is an annoyance we won’t have to deal with, it is still part of the backup option with Lookout, as well as backing up photos and call history.  This information is stored on their own site and is accessible from any PC or phone as long as you know your log-in information.  “Whether you accidentally delete data, your phone is lost, or even destroyed–your data is safe. You can restore any data with the click of a mouse. Changing devices is just as easy and your data can be transferred in seconds.”

Now my favorite part, the missing device part!  “Locate, Scream, NUKE”.  Ever misplace your phone, or even have someone snatch it up with out you realizing it?  No problemo with this feature!  Just hop on any computer, log into Lookout Mobile Security and locate your device in seconds.  I have played with this function and just to warn you, your place of employment might not be the right place for the “SCREAM” component!  I would be afraid if anyone did steal my phone, they would throw it across the room if this went off!  Probably better for locating it in your house if you misplaced it.  The “Locate” feature is quite accurate and fast, the countdown is three minutes and it found me in thirty seconds.  It was a few blocks over, but not far off!

This program I think is a must!  It can always be running in your notifications drop down so you know “Everything is OK”.  A friend lost his phone at a bar not too long ago, and all i could say was, “Should of downloaded that app I told you about last week.” his response “Yes, Yes I know, Lookout….”  Lookout Mobile Security is free in the Android Market, ENJOY! ♥

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  1. Well, try to put a virus on your phone (without executing it) and try the scan again. It will not find this virus, i tried that! So please do not make any advertising for this kind of fake security software.

    Like jason said: Get wavesecure and a new theme

  2. I have this, but I may try wavesecure instead. The location does not always work (I just did it now, and it’s about 40 miles off), and the Nuke function does not work. The help file says it will be available for Android “soon”, but they said that in January and in August.

  3. I have tested the Nuke function on my EVO, and it worked for me! I’m sorry you guys don’t like this app, i will check out wavesecure as well. As far as my “dumb” theme….it’s not a theme, and i’m a girl, so i enjoy the pink :)

    • WHERE did you find the Nuke functionality? It’s certainly not on the website itself, which is the whole point of having the functionality (if someone steals your phone, you can nuke it remotely).

  4. heyy staciedaisy!

    I use & like lookout too, wavesecure is owned by mcafee.. so that tells you something there! and I LOVE your theme!! where did you get it?

    • Thanks a bunch! It’s not a theme, but i am rooted and running CyanogenMod aka CM6, you have the ability to tweak and much more. Including the notification/status bar colors as well as text colors & more.

  5. Just pulled up WaveSecure and it says it’s a 7 day trial. If it’s only free for a week, that seems like a huge differentiator.

  6. Lookout slows down my phone and it consumes so much battery.

    Moreover, I feel my phone is attacked by some virus, because it sent text messages to many unknown numbers and shut down very often. However, Lookout shows my phone is safe! Useless…..

  7. Why pay when others have the same for free? You know what, I don’t know what I backed up or where it went! Not a single notice before backup. I am out of it.

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