Lord Of Shapes/Shape Eater: Eat them Shapes (Review)


All Android users find themselves looking for a game at one point or another. Some look for high-quality, high-RAM games (such as Asphalt). However, some users don’t have an abundance of RAM to go around. That’s where Arcade games come in. These games are very casual, and usually have no end goal or destination. In this case, the game is called Shape Eater. As the title indicates, the mission is to eat some shapes.



Shape Eater is set to some very quirky 8-bit music that will bring back nostalgia for any vintage video game player. Along with the 8-bit, there is an undulating bassline that will make anyone who enjoys dubstep feel right at home. I found myself bobbing my head on numerous occasions when I wasn’t fangirling over the retro sound.



Shape Eater is an arcade game, and as such, you cannot expect any advanced graphics magic. That being said, it still manages to be very cute. In the basic level, it’s set across a blue hexagonal background with multi-colored strings and shapes surrounding you. As you advance, the hexagons and colors change slightly, which I find to be very cool.



As with any arcade game, Shape Eater has a very simple premise with a very complex twist. Yeah, you just eat shapes, but you have to eat the specific shape pictured on the cord or face death. After you eat enough shapes(indicated by the large one filling up), the shape you are supposed to eat changes. Also, if you don’t eat shapes that are pulsating, they explode and you die. All these factors make a perfect addictive game that’ll quickly frustrate the crap out of you.


Shape Eater is a fun game that definitely keeps the player engaged. Classic Gamers and Dubstep lovers alike will love the music, with a nice bass line and some loveable 8-bit. All arcade game lovers will enjoy the bit of complexity it brings and the opportunities for advancement. However, it may prove too complex to some users and they may get quickly frustrated. All that in mind, definitely try it out.

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