While maximum screen brightness is a highly sought-out feature in phones, making sure your phone’s screen brightness is low enough at night is important too.


Reading, web-browsing, watching videos and more at night can negatively affect your eyes if the screen’s brightness is not in check. Dimly, made by Ricardo Solano, is an app that lowers your brightness much more than your phone allows it to. With AMOLED screens, the brightness can be lowered all the way until the screen is literally off. With LCD displays, the screen will still get extremely dark, but the standard backlight will still be on no matter what, contrast to AMOLED screens.


Setup and Function

Dimly runs in the notification bar while it’s active, allowing you to tap it to bring up its brightness slider. This is also where you can go to the app’s settings, where you can adjust the apps default minimum and maximum brightness. Set the brightness too low and can’t see your way back? The developer allows you to press and hold the phone’s power button for 8 seconds until Dimly resets. Anyway, I found the default settings to be perfect for night web-browsing, so while adjusting to your preference is there, I didn’t have to. Also in the settings in the blue-light filter toggle, which helps fight the supposed negative affects that blue light from screens can have on your eyes.


What We Liked

  • Simple enough without interfering
  • Modern design in the settings menu
  • Blue-light filter works perfectly

What We Didn’t Like

  • An occasional ad will show up only when adjusting the brightness


Dimly does everything it promises to, and it’s free on the Play Store. For the night time reader, or for watching media at night, this app is a must to prevent your eyes from being strained. This is an app I will definitely be keeping on my devices.

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