This app isn’t one that everyone will use. Roamer is geared towards a very specific demographic, people that travel internationally and people who make international calls. It just so happens that I do a little of both from time to time. While I didn’t travel internationally during this review, my wife calls her mother in Mexico at least two to three times a week and I was able to use the app for just that.

Roamer overview

If you have family or friends outside of your country, you know how expensive it can be to make those international calls. It can be even more expensive if you’re roaming on an international network and making calls.

Roamer looks to make things much more affordable for those who travel and/or call internationally. Take a look at their Google Play description of app features.

  • New unbeatable rates – check your favorite destinations for super cheap deals, note the exciting rate and immediately place a call – first calls are on us!

  • Validate your regular number so your friends see it’s a call from you.

  • Swap any working SIM – data roaming or voice, in roaming 3g or at home; or on Wi-Fi as VOIP: you’re the master of choice.

  • Roamer operates on Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G (lte) for maximum savings and can be linking to local SIM card for reliable calls when you go around.

  • Works in more than 200 international countries including Europe, India, US & Australia.

  • Using our roaming SIM card is even simpler if you have a dual SIM card. Switch on receiving VOIP calls to your regular number while abroad wherever and whenever (for users from over 50 countries and most of the operators and plans; local rates may apply)

  • Stay reachable when abroad with free voicemail to email. Return calls at your first convenience.

  • Transfer a Wi-Fi call to a regular call on the fly.

  • Push notifications work even without a linked SIM card to ensure you will not miss a call if Roamer is off.

  • Purchase prepaid packages or top up your account

I’ll be mainly looking at the international calling aspect of the app. One thing I should point out is that while their description says that the first calls are on them, that is untrue. I was unable to make any calls without purchasing any credit. When purchasing credit, you have the option to add credit in amounts of €9.99, €19,99,€29.99, and €49.99 via your credit card or Paypal. If you’re wondering if I accidentally put the euro sign instead of the dollar sign, it was on purpose.

For some reason, you can only purchase credit using euros. Not to worry, Paypal or your credit card company will make the conversion for you. I started with their lowest package €9.99, which worked out to be about $11.42. Don’t worry too much about the euros, everything in the app will reflect your currency of choice.

That brings me to the apps settings. The first thing that you’ll have to set up is your actual cell phone number, which works as your account. When you first input your cell phone number, Roamer will send out a verification text message to confirm that the number is yours. You can also use Roamer to make all international calls, even when they are made from the phones stock dialer app.

If you are already abroad and you have purchased a local SIM card for your phone, you can link that SIM to your Roamer account. The app also enables you to easily forward your local calls to your Roamer app while you are abroad. When you call back, your local number will show on the caller ID. In my experience, the caller ID did not show up for my mother in law, but she said that international calls never do. So, that may be dependent on the local carrier.

Other settings include language selection and currency selection.


Roamer usage

Actually using the app after setting everything up is a fairly simple affair. Either manually dial or select from your contacts who you want to call. The rates are pretty cheap. My call to Mexico was 1.5¢ per minute.  Our entire 25-minute phone call cost me just 38¢.

The call quality was pretty good. For the most part, the signal was strong and there was only some very minor distortions as my kids streamed Netflix. I made the call over my WiFi mainly because the device I was using to make the call does not have a voice or data plan associated with it.

That brings me to my next point, this app can be used on tablets as well. Although I’m not sure why you would want to speak on a tablet, but it is possible.

Roamer summary

Overall this is a great app and a great service, but T-Mobile already offers free international calling to Mexico. So will I be using this app? The answer is yes, or at least until I use up the credit that I spent. If your carrier does not offer free international calling or you’re on a legacy plan with T-Mobile and you don’t have the free international calling, then this app really is ideal for you. If you’re planning a vacation outside of your country, then this may be a great app to use while overseas for cheap calls.

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