Some of the games that get reviewed here are definitely unique and interesting, and today’s is no different. Today, we are taking a look at Poop From The Roof by South Pacific Apps. Poop From The Roof is a basic game that is pretty self-explanatory from the title.


Once you’ve downloaded Poop From The Roof from the Play Store, there is not really much set up to get started. Once you have started the game, there is a brief description of the different poop styles to choose from. They vary in color, so that you can choose whether you want to shoot poop that is smellier, or poop that shoots faster/farther.


After you select which poop you want, you are presented with some graphics that show you what each button during the game means. The button in the bottom right is your shot power, and controls how far you want your poop to travel. You can also move the butt across the top of the building to be able to get the perfect shot off.

As for the game play itself, you have three lives to get the highest score possible. Every time you miss a shot, you lose a life, and before you know it, you’re dunzo. As for the targets, there are people walking on the sidewalk right below the building, as well as cars driving in the street. The more consecutive shots you make, the bigger combo you can pile up.

What We Like

  • Short Game
  • Quick to learn
  • Kind of funny

What We Don’t

  • Shot Power is a little fidgety
  • A little too childish
  • Difficult to rack up combos when trying to move the butt across the rooftop

We know this isn’t the most exciting game, but it’s a funny little time killer. If you can get the hang of it, you’ll be shooting poop everywhere and killing time in the process. I guess they say there’s an app for everyone, and if you’re looking for a random, off the wall game, this is for you.

All-in-all, Poop From The Roof may not be for everyone, but can definitely garner some cheap laughs. There is a bit of skill required to try and master the game, so it’s worth giving a shot. If you’re interested in Poop From The Roof, head over to the Play Store and give it a shot. Let us know what you think about it once you’ve started raining poop from the skies.

Download Poop From the Roof from the Google Play Store

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