Looking for a new alarm clock app? Specifically one with Material Design and amazing animations? Enter Morning Routine.

Morning Routine aspires to be the alarm clock with the best animations and dethrone the current champ, Timely. The two apps look pretty different, with Morning Routine updated to look current with Google’s standards, while Timely is a bit stuck in the past (not a bad thing, I still love Timely).

Morning Routine’s main interface includes all of your alarms with the ability to edit them, and the Material Design “plus” button right above them. Touching the “plus” (create) button gives you a nice animation of going into your alarm details and settings, such as days of the week, volume of alarm, vibration toggle, and alarm type.

Different alarms types include Regular, Scanning, and Sequence. Regular is just as you’d expect; a simple option of snooze or turn off alarm. Scanning mode makes you have to get out of bed and scan any bar code to turn the alarm off. Sequence mode gets really interesting. The user can customize their sequence for how they want to turn the alarm off. The first step could be a simple button on the phone, and the next step can be scanning a certain bar code that the user sets earlier, such as a bottle of tooth paste or a cereal box (to make sure you get out of bed).

My favorite part of Morning Routine is no doubt its interface and animations, but the Sequence mode it offers that makes you create certain steps that insures you get out of bed is something I’m very fond of. There are plenty of customization options for your alarms, such as fade in times, snooze amount, alarm motion softener (quiet the volume when you pick up the phone) and more.

Check out Morning Routine with the Play link below.

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