Nemo and his dad, Marlin, set out to build the coolest reef in his class. Help Nemo create a best-in-class underwater retreat, and discover the secrets to building a permanent home for his friends!

Disney released its latest Android game earlier this month, but you’d be forgiven if you didn’t hear about it yet. Not to worry, though, we didn’t either. No, for whatever the reasons may be, Disney’s new Nemo’s Reef was dropped in the Google Play store rather unceremoniously. That’s a bummer because I’ve played with for a while now and think it’s a great game.

From the moment you open the game you realize this is a polished Disney experience and that there is no corner-cutting.  Graphics are vibrant and color and the detail is sharp. This is what you expect for a game that is designed to pick up where the movie leaves off.


Your job is to help create a fancy reef for your friends and new acquaintances to stop by and feel at home. It isn’t immediately clear what your role is or how you go about handling things but it becomes more obvious in the first 10-15 minutes of playing.

The music and sound effects are a nice touch however we ended up turning the music off as it felt repetitive.  Tapping on menu and having a look-see tells you there are all sorts of wonderful plants, and underwater decorations to play with.If there’s any advice we can give to new players it is to tap away and explore the different buttons and items. There’s nothing you’re going to do that ruins the game so feel free to look around and examine the options. Also, keep an eye on the Nemo icon on the left as he tells you what you need to do to achieve the next feat and level up.


The game might best be described as a time management style of play as you spend time returning to the same plants and creatures to collect coins, pearls, and other fun stuff. Nemo will tell you this, but you might also get the feeling that you’re using a bit of alchemy to help create the best experience. Certain fish like to see red coral next to flowering plants while Dory wants to see her tiki heads. Don’t worry about trying to concoct certain things out of the gate, it unfolds nice and slow. Be advised, however, there are elements to this game that will require you to think fast and maybe fast-forward growth.

Note that the game is free to play and that you can make in-app purchases for other elements in the game.  Want to skip ahead and score some goodies without waiting?  You can buy them in the Google Play store.  Also, because of TapJoy integration, you can download and play other games to earn credits in this one.

We’re really liking the way Nemo’s Reef plays and think it’s a great game for children and adults alike. If you’re the type who likes to visit a casual game once in a while or tend crops in Farmville then this is up your alley.  Or is it down your drain?  Whatever, it’s a fun one that is worthy of high marks.

What We Liked

  • Gorgeous graphics and vibrant colors
  • Familiar characters and environment
  • Fun for adults and children
  • Different every time you play

Room for Improvement

  • Clearer instruction on first time through
  • Repetitive music

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  1. It’s an online only game, and it actually suggests you can buy things to speed up things. I think that’s more like exploiting children than making them play a fun game. Uninstalled, and I won’t look back either.

  2. It’s been interesting, but I wonder if there is any way to get rare plants, ergo rare fish, other than buying pearls. I have avoided paying any money, but at level 13 it feels like this might be the only thing left to do.

  3. I’ve been enjoying playing Nemo’s Reef Recently ads were added to it, I understand the need for ads and the first ones were fine, a little annoying as they pop up so often every time you hit a button, but manageable. The newest however, the direct tv ad, shuts down the entire game and make it impossible to get it to load again. It makes it literally impossible to play at all unless you happen to get on at a time for a little while when the ad is not actively trying to play. Is there any way to remove the ad or to reprogram it so that the game can be played?

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