NEV Privacy is a security and privacy app for your phone that allows you to hide pictures, videos, and apps from prying eyes or would-be hackers.

Developer: Nevways
Cost: Free (With ads)


Sharing your phone used to be a gamble, especially among nosey friends. They could rifle through your pictures or open your social media and post in your name, which can be disastrous for anyone.

Instead of clutching your phone like it’s the One Ring of Power, maybe consider some privacy protection through an app like NEV Privacy. It’s a simple, secure solution that doesn’t store your personal data outside the device, and keeps everything locked behind a password so you’re confident that those compromising photos from the Christmas party stay off Facebook forever.

NEV Privacy offers a suite of options for securing your photos and videos, as well as hiding and locking your apps so only you can access them. It’s easy to use and can grant you peace of mind when leaving your phone around or if it gets lost or stolen. Your photos and videos are hidden from access across your device, and can only be unlocked through the app and even if the app itself is uninstalled it takes the photos with it so you can be assured they won’t get around your locks that way.

NEV Privacy also has some customization options and convenience features to go along with its main function. A selection of custom themes is available to personalize your app interface and add some color. A nice, if seemingly unnecessary feature.

Also, there is a charging screen saver function that shows phone status while charging, a handy feature that is also a bit unnecessary seeing as many phones have a feature like that built in. It does show a few more stats than normal, like temperature and RAM usage but for most people, those are afterthoughts anyway.

As easy as NEV Privacy is to use, there are a few limitations that may be too much for some to consider it. As far as I can tell, you can only store 85 photos and only one video in the app, and there isn’t a premium version that I can find that increases this limit. This forces you to choose and manage your photos and videos carefully if there’s a large number of items you wish to secure. A minor issue for some, but for others, it could be a deal breaker.

Another issue I find with the app is the large amount of ads present. In the main app, setting side menu, on the login screen, the charging screen saver and also in a “Gift” tab on the main app screen there are ads present. It is a free app, but the ad presence is rather large considering this app isn’t something you’d need to open often.


Overall, I like NEV Privacy for the ease of use and the potential security it can provide. The options included and the extra features are a nice icing on the cake, but the ads and limited capacity for storage are definitely something to consider when looking into NEV Privacy. If you’re looking for a simple way to lock down your apps and photos then NEV Privacy is a solid choice.

Download NEV Privacy on the Google Play Store

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