Life is hard, we know it. Maybe you haven’t slept well because you stayed up all night yesterday playing The Division, or maybe you have a lot of work to do right now but are procrastinating. OMG I Can Meditate! tries to alleviate your pains by teaching you how to meditate. You’ll definitely not become an expert right away, but for 15 minutes of your time each day, this app will do its best to keep you calm and peaceful throughout the day.

Developer: OMG I Can Meditate!

Price: Free, with subscription available from $3.50/month for two years, $5.25/month for one year, or $9.07 paying monthly.


  • A lot of content available.
  • A variety of programs, individual meditations, and tasks for all ages.
  • Some meditations are locked behind a subscription.
  • Interface is not native, and performance takes a hit because of it.


OMG I Can Meditate Setup
The app gets you started with the 7 Day Challenge automatically.

After launching the app, you’ll be shown a play button that says Get Started. This will show you an introductory video, explaining the purpose of the app. After that, you’ll be redirected to the 7 Day Challenge, which is the first and most newcomer-friendly program in the app. It’s neat to have the app automatically choose a program for you, or otherwise, with the plethora of categories and programs available, new users might feel lost at first.


When you press the menu button, you’ll notice the impressive amount of content available in the app. The menu itself shows options such as Daily Meditations, Meditation in Motion, Specialty Meditations, OMGood Morning (and Night), among others.

The good thing is that a big portion of this content is provided for free. Some of the tracks are locked behind a subscription, while others are locked until you become a meditation guru and the app deems you worthy of this content. When you choose a program, the menu provides a shortcut called Next Meditation to take you to the track that you have to listen today.

Some meditations are individual, which means that you can play right away and listen to them once. Examples of these include the ones aimed for family and kids, Specialty Meditations and Good Morning tracks. Others, such as Daily Meditations, are grouped into weekly packages that you have to listen every day. Whenever you choose a meditation, a very soothing female voice will start talking and telling what to do. Track length range from 4 to 20 minutes. If you are going to do one of the weekly programs, you should set apart approximately 14 minutes daily.

The app also have missions for you, called Meditation in Motion, which are tasks that you can do without reserving time to listen to meditations. This include missions such as briefly taking control of your breath periodically, saying thanks when someone does something for you (but I’m sure you are already doing this, right?), or stop stressing about trivial things. These tasks will not help you in learning how to meditate, but will “create positive and lasting changes in your state of calm, clarity, and how you deal with the challenges of life,” according to the app.

OMG I Can Meditate Menu
Several programs are at your disposal.
OMG I Can Meditate Missions
Missions will shake things up a bit and require less time.

You can also make an account if you wish to do so, although it is by no means mandatory (which is good). Sign in with your account on multiple devices, and your information will sync across them. This will also give you access to a feature called Serenity Circle, which is a fancy term for saying “referral program.” You will get one free week of premium access for each friend or family member that installs the app and creates an account. You can manage your account in the Account Settings screen, and change other options, such as turning on or off the background music while meditations are playing and forward messages sent through the app to your email address.

Before analyzing other aspects of the app, here’s a small tip. Type in your web browser and the exact same app will appear. So yeah, it’s not native at all. This is why performance is decent at best. When touching its icon in the app drawer, the app launches immediately, but shows a splash screen with a progress dialog that sometimes takes too much time to finish whatever task it is doing.

When touching different options and programs, the app takes a tiny bit longer than expected to show the next screen. It doesn’t make it unusable but you’ll definitely notice it. Also, you’ll notice some glitches when scrolling through tables. I’ve thankfully never had buffering problems while listening to meditations, which would make me more stressed and completely ruin the purpose.

OMG I Can Meditate Programs
Having trouble waking up? There’s an app for that.
OMG I Can Meditate Subscription
If you want to get serious about it, the app offers a subscription model.

Interface when listening to meditations is very minimalistic. All elements disappear, except for the menu button. You are just shown a beautiful moving background image, which will change after you listen to a meditation. Tapping the screen will reveal more controls, such as Play/Pause, Back, and Forward buttons. Some meditations let you change the duration by reducing or increasing the silence between phrases.

The side menu is obviously unconventional for Android devices, but it doesn’t look bad. However, when browsing through different motivation programs, the table background is semi transparent, revealing the background image. This is a common interface solution for iOS devices, but on Android devices, it feels completely out of place. The controls used, such as the previously mentioned slider and the switches in the settings screen, are (unsurprisingly) not the ones Android provides natively.


Providing a lot of free content from the get-go, OMG I Can Medidate! definitely lets you experiment with meditation and having a healthier, less stressful lifestyle. Opting for the premium subscription will cost you as little as $3.50/month for two years, or as much as $9.07/month if you pay as you go. Since you have a lot of things to play with, definitely try the free version first and see if it works for you. If you can get past the non-native interface and performance quirks, and you are dealing with stressful situations right now, give OMG I Can Meditate! a shot.

Download from the Play Store.

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