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I recently had the privilege to check out SafeWallet, an app that helps to keep all your online passwords for different sites and services safe and secure in one place.  Check out my review after the break.

I was extremely lucky to be part of the BETA team, this gave me an inside view of the needs of end users.
To be honest with you I do not know how anyone can manage without SafeWallet. There is no safer way to store passwords. SafeWallet uses the most powerful AES 256bit encryption for your security.

There is no need to remember each and every password that you have created on websites, banks, etc. You just type it into SafeWallet via your Android phone/Windows. Once completed you have the ability to Sync your phone and Windows via Wireless or USB.

The windows version has the ability to generate passwords for you. To visit any website that you have created within SafeWallet, just click the password, it will then be copied to your clipboard for to you paste into the relevant field. Once you have copied the password just click on the website which will take you to relevant website.

SafeWallet will work on most Android devices including Smartphones and Tablets. SBSH are always working on SafeWallet to improve for the end user and Devices.

The cost of the Android app at the time of writing is $3.95. This is a small price to pay for peace of mind knowing that all your passwords, Bank Details and Driving License details are kept safe. There is an extra charge of $14.99 for the Windows version.

Overall SafeWallet has got to be one of the Apps that you pay for. I know there are a lot of other Wallets that you could use that are cheaper.

The user’s UI is so easy to use even an 8 year old could. If you were to lose your wallet/purse you know that your Credit/Bank Cards will not be used.

Press Release Courtesy of SBSH
November 11, 2010 – Today, SBSH Software announced the release of SafeWallet for Android. SafeWallet is a professional password manager with free Dropbox cloud syncing service.

With this new release, SBSH Software introduces a solution for secure-data cloud syncing by using SafeWallet local clients on top of the Dropbox cloud service, letting users access their sensitive information from any mobile client or PC, anywhere around the world, with maximum security.

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