Keeping a child’s attention has always been a difficult task. Kids easily find things mundane and boring if they are not entertained. Their standards are much higher – when I was a child I could play with a stick and be entertained. The development team at Youversion that developed the popular Bible App that has over 50 Million downloads, has created a new spin on the Bible to help kids stay entertained while learning valuable lessons.


The Bible App for Kids is a free, digital storybook designed to explore the big stories of the Bible and is available for download via Google Play.


The set-up for The Bible App for Kids is simple: download and install the app from Google Play. Once the download is complete, Bible for Kids will update the app with current stories. After the update is complete your child is now able to explore the stories of the Bible.

Features and function

The Bible for Kids is an extremely vibrant, colorful application with high-resolution graphics, animations, and characters. In the Bible for Kids, the easy to use kid-friendly navigation allows you to explore from story to story and really brings to life the stories and adventures. A few of the stories available are The Creation of the World, Samson and the Philistine Temple, David and Goliath and many more popular stories from the Bible.

When you want to read a particular story, you click the download story button and the story downloads inside of the app. After the download, there are a few different options available for playback. You can have a narrator read the story aloud with or without music. Also, you can touch different elements on the screen, and those elements open up an alternate story experience. For example in the Story of Samson (A Hairy Tale) you are able to tap the soldier. When you tap the soldier he comes to life through animation and proceeds to cut Samson’s hair as he sleeps.

What I like about Bible for Kids is that it offers up fun incentives for the kids to read. The more you read Bible for Kids you gain stars. Also in every story there are hidden gems that are available to collect. Not only can you collect stars and gems you can also collect sets. Some of the sets available are the “Armor of God” in this set you are tasked to collect Helmet of Salvation, Shield of Faith, Belt of Truth, Good news shoes, and more.

Reading pictures and animations is fine but what’s the point of reading if you don’t remember it. In The Bible App for Kids, after each story, you are asked one question about the story you just read. If you get the question right you gain another star. If you get the question wrong you will get another chance to answer it correctly. The point is to help children learn and not to necessarily test them like it was a quiz in school.

The Bible App for Kids was extremely fun and enjoyable to use with my nine-year-old son. We were able to quickly travel from place to place engaging in fun and interesting stories. The Bible App for Kids allowed us to interact with the characters that we both loved. We both seemed to really like Samson and how strong and powerful he was.

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Who will find Bible for Kids useful?

The Bible App for Kids is a great tool to have for Sunday school teachers, parents, and especially for children. The Bible App for Kids allows children to visually understand stories that might not have caught their attention and it helps put the complex writing in the Bible in more simple terms. To this day, even adults have a hard time understanding the Bible. The Bible App for Kids is good for stories for children to read alone, before bed, or something that parents and the whole family can do together before bed.

What we like

  • Colorful high-resolution graphics and interface
  • Brilliant visuals, narration, and storytelling
  • Ability to interact with the characters and the story

What we didn’t like

  • Would like for YouVersion to expand the number of stories available
  • Inability to actually read the whole Bible, you are  just limited to the stories provided


I was extremely impressed with the developers at YouVersion and their creation with The Bible App for Kids. The Bible App for Kids is as exactly as advertised. An interactive experience that gets kids reading the Bible. I appreciate that The Bible App for Kids made it fun by having colorful graphics, easy navigation, and incentive based challenges for kids to remember what they learned. To top it all off The Bible App for Kids is completely free.

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