The Plague is the latest new app to join the social media world. It almost reminds me of another app, Secret in which people post their thoughts anonymously. However, the difference with the Plague is when you post something, anyone can see who the author is. Once you open the app, it asks you to set up an account. You do not need to be linked to any other social media forums. Perfect way to start a new identity. That’s it.

Once you have registered, you can see posts depending if anyone near you has done so. Swipe up or down to read the next post. It also means you’re infecting the next user with the post. There are two buttons at the top of the screen a user can click. One involves checking statistics and other tidbits of information about any of your posts. The other buttons allows you to actually post your thoughts, pictures, and video clips.

I can’t say that this is the simplest app ever made. There are others that can take that honor. However, I like how once users share their post, one can see what part of the world has read their post. Notifications can alert you to any activity regarding your post. I also like the fact there is no need to worry about adding friends or having to delete or block annoying posts.

I do notice if there are any news stories you would like to share, you would have to type in the actual web link in its entirety. Once anyone clicks on the link, a new webpage is opened. A minor inconvenience as users have Facebook and other social media outlets that can share news. Plague focuses more on what you, as the users want to share. Another dislike is when I check to see if there are any interesting posts, what I get is a message that my “news board” is ‘Cleared’. That could probably mean that no one where I live has posted anything, or that no one has infected (shared with) me. I am sure though that as people are aware of this app, there will be more posts and more social interaction.

What we like:

  • Users can see how far their post has spread and infected other viewers.
  • Simple but a very unique concept that is not hard to set up and use.

What we do not like:

  • In order for links to work correctly, must type in it’s entirety and just make sure it is correct or the link will be dead.
  • As with many new apps, there are very few users so my news board is always empty, unless someone infects me with an interesting post. So I could be waiting for days.

There’s not really much to dislike about this social media forum. All in all, the concept is great and I hope that the app itself spreads like the plague. The larger the base, the farther news will spread, and the better the social experience will be.

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  1. They have a few new updates (and claim more on the way). The most current one fixes that link issue you mention above.

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