“Pocket Auctions for eBay” is Loaded with Features

I downloaded Bonfire Media‘s “Pocket Auctions for eBay” night and instantly fell in love with it.  Upon opening it up, I’m greeted with options like Deals, My eBay, and Scan.  Each of these features would make a half decent eBay application on its own, but when combined in one program, it adds up to one of the best Android titles yet.  It’s no surprise when you read the “About” information, you’d see that they are a member of the eBay developers program and have won awards for their work.

The scan option allows you to take household items like DVD’s and find auctions currently selling said product.  The next time you are at your friend’s house and see a CD or electronics item you’d like to check eBay for, scan it and see instant results on your G1.

Opening the deals button pulls up similar products and offers found in the online version of eBay.  It’s a handy option for someone who likes to either window shop or gather ideas.  Clicking Blu-Ray DVDs returned 7,440 auctions with easy-to-read listings.

The “My eBay” section acts just like its desktop counterpart so you can keep any eye on items you are watching or bidding on. There are also settings to have alerts pop up on items you’re watching and bidding get down to 10-15 minutes.  I haven’t tested this part yet, so I can’t say for sure whether or not the application has to be running to work properly.

Even though this is no official eBay application, I’m having a hard time coming up with things missing.  With eBay having been a founding member of the Open Handset Alliance, I expect nothing less than what the Bonfire Media team have put together. Released under the name eBay Wireless for other devices, the Android version looks and feels like the real deal.

One thing I would love to see come out of future versions would be widgets that can be docked on the main screen of my Android handsets.  I keep the far right third of my screen empty for the day killer widgets show up and eBay auctions should certainly figure into that.  If Bonfire Media can get that implemented, eBay would have a heck of a time getting me to user their app instead.

I like this application enough after 24 hours to get give it an Editor’s Choice award.

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  1. So this app which I use on my blackberry is available now for the droid ?
    how much is it & you said you can scan barcodes with it ?

  2. This app is a must have for eBay sellers. I downloaded it on my Motorola Droid last night and it is the greatest. Completed items search without even signing in and the scan feature is so cool.

  3. I have been using this app for a while and IMO it is the best one I have found if you are a buyer but it doesn’t allow you to sell and the message functionality is lacking.
    However, the Live Chat section includes 2 chatrooms and is dominated by 2 users mainly: ichagi & darthyugga/yuggalodeep (this user changes their name often) also another, hilton occasionally. It appears the 1st two work for Bumfire Media since they claim to know an awful lot of rumours about what they r up to plus they are USA based and are able to access & use the UK Q&A room. They are highly abusive to nearly everyone and if you happen to ask a random question they may answer but then also add in something to slag/belittle/patronise you especially if they judge you to be a ‘n00b’ or you have asked something they think is stupid (which is pretty much all the time). If you decide to stand up for yourself, as many do, then you will be hit with a barrage of abuse – usually about getting anally penetrated by your dad (ichagi seems to be obsessed by this), swearing and they will bring other users into the net and slag you all off together.

    There is no point trying to hit back at these idiots in the chatroom since it gets nowhere, they will go through ALL your previous ebay feedback one by one and hit you with abuse specifically commenting on what you may have bought/sold before. I have even gotten racially motivated abuse & threats commenting on my auctions suggesting I would not know who was actually bidding on them – basically they may mess up your auctions with their other usernames as they seem to have a few each, if not, other minion frends who will do this for them. This behaviour is kind of scary as these people have no limits and I’m sure if they could, they would get more information on you and get you another way. They really are a nasty, degenerate bunch of arsehole people and I suggest people do not bother to use the chatrooms.

    Bumfire Media can obviously see what is happening in the room and they allow it to continue ONLY cautioning users if they happen to post private ads outside of ebay. Therefore BUMFIRE MEDIA ARE A COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL COMPANY WITH ZERO INTEGRITY OR RESPECT FOR THEIR USER BASE. Any company with ANY common sense would NOT allow such abuse to occur to users of their software, let alone by members of their own staff! I believe they know their software is the best out at the moment, since they also were awarded some official stamp of approval by ebay a few yrs ago, so they are acting completely arrogant and with impunity.

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