This world is driven by news.  Everyone reads gets news delivered to them on a daily basis in some form whether it’s through Facebook, news sites themselves, or RSS feeds. Today we will take a look at a news reader called Newsfold.

Developer: mvilla

Cost: Free with in app purchase


NewsfoldQuote9 is a news reader that pulls in your news feeds from your Feedly and Inoreader accounts. It has a very clean Material Design that really catches your eye. You are given four different theme options that include dark, light, black and sepia to get that look of your choice. The latter two are included in the upgrade package.

The home screen is laid out in such a simple way that you don’t have to search to see where things are located. You are simply greeted with Unread, All, and Starred. Below these three categories are all of your collections, news grouped together by categories, and all your individual subscriptions all in alphabetical order.

Gesture controls have been implemented really well. Each article can be marked read or unread by simply swiping that one article from the right. Swiping the screen from anywhere on the left will get you back to your previous screen, while long pressing an article gives you the choices to share, star, and mark articles read/unread as well. This makes navigating the app a breeze.

There is also the option to cache items so you can read them later when you’re not on wifi, because data matters. This can be synchronized at different intervals in your settings with the ability to only do it in WiFi as well.

If you would like to become a supporter, since developers gotta eat too, you can do so by Quote3giving $2.49. This will remove ads, it will net you the two extra themes mentioned before, and multiple user accounts. I do need to mention that the current ads aren’t intrusive at all.

This doesn’t cover every single thing, but I did give you enough to get started. There are quite a few options to tinker with to get you your feed just right. This is one of the options you should consider when picking out a news reader.


Picking a new reader can be difficult with all of the choices available in the Google Play Store. What it really boils down to is do you like Nike or Under Amour. I choose that analogy because that’s what it’s like, a lot of quality ones out there, you just gotta find that right fit.

*Note* When these screen shots were taken it was still called Quote, all other references to the name Quote have been changed.

Download Newsfold in the Play Store

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