G1_MOTOBLURI opened Twitter today and I saw a newly minted link to the XDA site for the MOTOBLUR ROM.  Thanks LeakDroid!  Actually, out of the various CyanogenMods, Hero, and other ROMs, this was the easiest to get up and running on my T-Mobile G1.  Except for some small problems, (WiFi and Bluetooth are MIA, on/off/end key not mapped), verything seems to be in working order.

After I got past the MOTOBLUR splash screen I was asked to create a MOTOBLUR account. I was also given access to the Moto owner site that gave me my account details and location of the phone if I so chose.  I entered my Google, Twitter, and FB credentials to enable the accounts for the Happenings and Social widgets–pretty slick.  At first the UI was very sluggish, but after downloading Advanced Task Manager (like I always do even on stock Android) and instructed it to kill all apps except for Blur and the social widgets it was as fast as one of the CyanogenMod ROMs.

The Contacts are grouped into All, FaceBook, Google, MySpace, and Twitter and you can use any or all of them. This is much like Palm’s WebOS  and there is an emphasis on seeing messages and contacts as one stream of information instead of solos.  The Happenings widget gives me FB and Twitter updates and the Social widget gives me access to post my status update to both FB and Twitter and any other social app at the same time.

The main apps worked for me (Phone, Gmail, Text Message, Google Maps, and Google Voice) so it’s pretty functional from the get-go.  Underneath, it’s still standard Android with a few minor changes.  If you have a rooted phone this could give you just enough of a sample to see if you want to go ahead and purchase a CLIQ or not, since the G1 has similar specs.  I will post more updates as the ROM matures and gets more standard features.

The following is the WELCOME email that comes when you set up an account…

Dear Sam Herren,

Congratulations, you have successfully created a MOTOBLUR account! Designed around your life and your networks, MOTOBLUR automatically delivers your status updates, social network messages, contacts, emails, and other content from Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, RSS feeds, and other e-mail and social networking sources.

MOTOBLUR gives you peace of mind by securely backing up critical information from your phone so that your messages, contacts, and preferences can be restored.

Your MOTOBLUR account gives you access to the MOTOBLUR owner’s portal where you can:

  • Locate your phone using the phone’s GPS signal
  • Remotely erase your phone if you lose it or believe that it has been stolen
  • Upload contacts from your desktop or other source and synchronize them with your phone

You can access the MOTOBLUR owner’s portal where you can also watch tutorials, get answers to frequently asked questions, and access other resources.

To help you get the most out of your MOTOBLUR phone, we will send periodic communications with the latest tips, tricks, software updates, and other information specific to MOTOBLUR and your MOTOBLUR phone (like new social networks that have been added to the MOTOBLUR service). To select, modify, or unsubscribe from the communications you receive from Motorola, please visit Motorola.com.

We hope you will enjoy the MOTOBLUR service and welcome to the MOTOBLUR community!


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  1. I love my mytouch i havent seen the rom running on my phone any one got any info..? I was also thinking of switching to the cliq is that a good idea ?

    • I've been using the ROM for a couple days. If they can get all the kinks worked out I will be staying with it. Main thing that bothers me is that I was getting my updates on my social widgets at first, but now I don't get any.

  2. I just flashed the MotoBlur to my MT3G, and once I killed the other tasks, seems to be working fine, but some of my "happenings" aren't updating via the widgets, I just flashed it about an hour ago, though.

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