logoBattery life is one of the major weaknesses of the G1.  For me, it’s really frustrating to go to a conference and haveto turn off  the phone just to save enough energy to call a taxi or friend when I arrive or depart.   Nothing can be more aggravating than running out of battery before running out of day.  Even if though the Magic and other Android phones  have better batteries,  one can never be fully satisfied – it could always last longer.

Screebl offers an intelligent solution to this problem. This application uses orientation data from your phone to check if you really need your screen turn on. It’s simple and yet brilliant at the same time. When we use the phone actively such as during a phone call, twitter update, or checking status of your friends on Facebook, we do it when holding the phone in our hand. When we’re not using it, chances are it’s on a table.

Screebl uses this orientation data to switch off the screen when you put it down.  At first glance, I really like the predefined options, like when to switch the screen off. It’s very handy for us casual users who like to have new app working and ready to go, seconds after installation.  Who needs these frustrating and sometime difficult configurations? For more advanced users, Screebl does offer some configuration options.  They allow you to adjust behavior of application to your personal experience.

In next two days I’ll conduct a little experiment. I won’t run the phone through a rigorous day full of activity.

  • Full battery
  • Normal work day
  • Normal behavior

Day One: When Screebl is turned off for the entire day. Before I head off to sleep I’ll note battery level.

Day Two: Same conditions as in day one, only using Screebl.

I’ll check back to share my findings!  The app has not been released yet but should hit the Android Market before long.

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  1. /Bump

    I think a lot of us are all still waiting on your results. Rather curious of settings and what not too!

  2. Hello Jeff,

    I was imprisoned in hospital for a week. I'll post it in max two days.
    I'm very sorry for delay.

  3. I didnt mean to sound demanding. Hope all is well.

    (btw, does screeble work for you guys still? I'm running donut and it seems to not have control anymore)

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