Overview –

Stack is an enjoyable, timing-based, tower building game.Galaxy S6 Edge_B1EB505868E1_

Developer: Ketchapp


  • Beautiful graphics
  • Fast-paced fun
  • Google Play Games integration
  • No in-app purchases

Setup –

Setup is as simple as possible. Install the game from the Google Play store and launch the application. The Google Play Games integration is automatic and it takes you directly to the starting screen, with an advertisement in the way of course.

Galaxy S6 Edge_A9B271FE24BD_Impression –

Have you ever thought that sitting by yourself in a room, methodically tapping the screen of your smartphone would be something you would want to do for more than 2 minutes? Neither did I; nevertheless, I found myself picking Stack up over and over again to tap my screen to the beat of colorful squares sliding across my screen. Stack is one of the simplest, most addicting games I have ever played.

Stack is a timing-based, tapping game with the objective being to build the tallest tower possible. You start with a base block and when you press play another block begins sliding over the first one. When the screen is tapped the block stops moving and any piece that is not on top of the block below falls off (with some fantastic gravity mechanics). Don’t worry, you can make them “grow” by matching eight consecutive blocks. To make the gameplay more challenging the blocks also begin to move faster the higher you get.

One of the things I like the most about Stack is the lack of in-app purchases. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to download a game and not have someone sticking their hand out for money. There is, however, a monetary aspect to the game.  One diamond is received for every 10 blocks you are able to successfully stack in a game, and every third game you get the option to watch an advertisement for 20 diamonds. This is the games form of a reward for excelling at gameplay. These diamonds can be used to “purchase” additional skins for the blocks and add a little flavor to the repetitive, yet surprisingly addictive, gameplay.

One of the ways this game grasps you is with its graphics; they are simply stunning . Every block is a slightly different color and they magnificently transition through every wavelength. I lost focus more than a few times in awe of the beautiful colors coming from my screen.


  • Beautiful colors and graphics
  • Skins to spice things up
  • Gravity mechanic is spot on
  • Addicting gameplay


  • I wish there was another layer of complexity

Conclusion –

Stack encourages players to invite friends and see who can get the highest tower; my high score is 99. I thoroughly enjoyed my time playing and I think it will stick in my rotation for some time. Place your scores below and we will see who can make the highest tower.

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