flickit_001As we all know, transferring data from our Android phones can be a hit or miss. It’ll send just fine, but who knows when or if the other person ever gets it. I am constantly searching for a way to reliably share photos. So when I heard about FlickIt Lite, I couldn’t wait to try it out.

FlickIt Lite “makes it easy for you to share Contacts or Photos with your Google Talk friends with just the flick of a finger.” This is supposed to happen in three easy steps. First Pick Friend, Second Pick Contact or Photo, and Third Flick it. Sounds kind of fun right?

Not so much; at least in my case. In order to use FlickIt, you have to have Google Talk. I have to admit, I’m not a Google Talk user so I had to figure that out first. I had some issues while trying to add a friend. I assumed if I had their contact info in my phone already and they used gmail, that friend would automatically appear. We all know what happens when you assume.

Once I got Google Talk figured out, it was finally time to test out FlickIt Lite. When you first open the program, it gives you instructions on what you need to do. They seemed easy to follow, who can mess up three steps right? So I pick my friend, pick my photo I want to send and flick it. Nothing. I tested this while the friend I selected was sitting next to me. They had their FlickIt Lite open as well and nothing happened on their end. My friend tried to send me a photo next. Still, nothing happened.

[quote]I decided to give up on the photo for a second and try a contact. My friend received a message in Google Talk saying he received a file but needed to download FlickIt Lite to receive it. This was strange to both of us since the app was currently installed and open on his phone. We both decided to delete FlickIt Lite from our phones and re-download it. Maybe that would correct the problems.

After re-downloading and repeating all the steps to no avail, my friend gave up. I was still determined to make it work so I borrowed his phone and tried flicking myself a contact. It worked! A new contact appeared on my FlickIt screen. The contact was really small however and I wondered how I could even read it. I had the thought to check my contacts on my phone. The contact my friend flicked to me was already listed as a contact on my phone! Brilliant!

I still haven’t been able to flick a photo to anyone or receive one myself. I did email the developer about the issues I ran into. He was quick to reply and seems eager to get this app working correctly. He did mention he hasn’t used FlickIt with 1.6 yet and both my friend and I are running 1.6.

I haven’t deleted this app yet from my Android phone; I keep hoping for a update. If the issues get fixed, I think this might be one handy app. Until then, I will keep searching.

Has anyone found an app to use to ensure their pictures get received?

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  1. DroidDrop is in the market and can be used for privately sharing photos. The model is a little different. Instead of sending a picture to a group of friends, you upload the photo to a "drop" and give your friends access. You can create new public drops or private drops that include a guest password.

    There have been several updates – including adding a photo from the phone, but this youtube video shows how DroidDrop works. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8Xgww4j7hk

    Drops can include notes, links, and files so they can act as a private forum. Since you see the photo in the drop, you can be confident that your friends see it too. They can access the photo from an Android phone or the web.

    DroidDrop is built on http://www.drop.io

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