Strike a Pose…There's Nothing to it. Or is There??

Nearly 5 months ago I hopped aboard the Android train knowing that this would be something I would hardly regret. The feature I was looking forward to most was a through the roof mega pixel camera with almost as many editing features as the software I had on my computer.Yet to my dismay, my new cell phone was severely lacking in the camera function department. It were as if I hopped into Marty McFly’s DeLorean and I was sent back 5 years. What camera phone doesn’t even have a zoom these days?

After getting over the utter shock, I took to the market where I came across an app by the name of Pro Zoom 5x. I saw a free version of this app but it was lacking in features so I figured paying the $1.99 charge (note: Pro Zoom Camera 5x is now $2.49 in the Marketplace) after reading some great reviews would be well worth it. I needed real features!

I made my leap of faith, hit the buy button and off and away we went, on the path of my camera function salvation.

So now what do I think? These days I am very appreciative to have my zoom feature back, especially with the dual screen and track ball control. The filters for photos, I would say, are mediocre at best. Some are simply juvenile to someone, like myself, at 27 years old. I mean do I really need to add an aqua filter to my photos? Dare I say it, smurf was never my color.

The edits , I find, are useful and entertaining. If you’re like myself — constantly taking photos — being able to use your phone to do this AND edit them with a bit of artistic flair is pretty amazing to say the least. Who needs to be stuck on the computer if you have some of the most basic options accessible on your phone and then some? It’s not only easier on your every day life but easier on your purse as well, sorry Adobe.

So to all of my fellow Android gals and guys looking to upgrade their phone’s camera, this app is compatible Android 1.5 and up and is well worth the money. I think having a camera with functions that saddle up with the rest of the phone’s functionality is key. There are some kinks that still need to be worked out as far as creating realistic and usable filters, faster shutter speed and an “auto save” function.  But overall, these issues are more about upgrading the existing capabilities versus instituting them to begin with.

Now get out there and point, click and shoot, with confidence like me!

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