Transferring files, pictures, and videos between phones, computers, and other devices can be a real pain. Sure, you can use Bluetooth if your device supports it, but the speed can be horrendous and if the file is large you will be waiting a long time. If you want, you can grab a USB flash drive and load the file on there to transfer it to your other devices. But they you have to carry around a flash drive as well as any extra cables you need to connect it to your phone. Thankfully, there is an app that makes file transfer quick and simple – SuperBeam. SuperBeam 4.0 is the newest update to the SuperBeam and it looks and works better than ever!

Screenshot_2015-04-03-16-25-23Visually, this app is fantastic. It has undergone a complete Material Design upgrade which is evident on every screen. Under the settings menu, you can even change how the app looks. There are options for a light theme, a dark theme, and an AMOLED theme that helps devices with AMOLED displays conserve battery by making the background completely black.

Of course, how an app looks does not really matter unless it is quick and easy to use. Thankfully, SuperBeam delivers on that front, as well. A slide out menu on the left gives you the options for sending and receiving files. All you need to do to send a file to another device is make sure that device has SuperBeam installed. Screenshot_2015-04-03-16-25-50_1Then all you need to do is select what type of file you want to transfer. You have the options for files, audio, photos, videos, apps, documents, and contacts. Once you select what type of file you want to transfer, the app opens a screen that shows all of that type of file. So if you select Photos, it will show all of the photos stored on your phone. That means no more hunting through your phone looking for that one specific thing.  You can select as many items as you want, and when you are done just tap the blue arrow. You then have three different options for transferring files. You can scan the QR code, use NFC if both devices are capable, or enter a key into the receiving device. Once this is done, the file will transfer. If both devices are on the same WiFi, SuperBeam will transfer the file over WiFi. If they are not, then it will use WiFi Direct to transfer the files. You get an countdown time on both devices showing how much of the file has transferred and the estimated time remaining. Once the file is finished, you are done. One great thing about SuperBeam is that if you lose the connection between your devices, it will pick up right where you left off when you reconnect. No more starting over from the beginning!

The final test is speed, and SuperBeam continues to deliver with speeds that leave Bluetooth in the dust. This app states that it can transfer files up to 50 times faster than Bluetooth, and it is not lying. For testing, I used a 100MB video file. I transferred that file from my Nexus 6 to my HTC One m7 using Bluetooth, WiFi, and Wifi Direct. I also transferred the same file to my laptop using Bluetooth and WiFi (WiFi Direct is not supported on the computer version). Between my two phones, the file took around an hour to complete using Bluetooth, 50 minutes using WiFi, and a blazing 1 minute using WiFi Direct! Between my phone and laptop, Bluetooth took just over 9 minutes and WiFi took only 2 minutes! Needless to say, I am impressed.

SuperBeam is by far the simplest, quickest, and best looking way to transfer files between devices. It has completely replaced Bluetooth as my go to transfer method between phones, and I regret nothing. If you are itching to give SuperBeam a try, you can download a free version of it from the Play Store. The creators of SuperBeam are also giving users a free 14-day trial of SuperBeam Pro. If you like it, you can purchase the Pro version for 50% off all this month! I highly recommend giving Superbeam a try and seeing the speed you have been missing!

What I liked:

  • Easy to use
  • Super fast transfer speed
  • Works with Android, PC, Mac, iOS, and Linux
  • Beautiful interface

What I did not like:

  • Nothing. SuperBeam does what it promises, and it does it well

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