Theme Review: HtcClay’s SuperBad v1.6 for the G1/MyTouch 3G

Let me begin by reminding you that this is a review of a theme, not a ROM. Now then, let’s get to it.

About SuperBad: SuperBad was developed by HtcClay. It’s named after the movie SuperBad, which makes it that much better. Version 1.6 is based off Cyanogen’s CM5.0.8 Test4 ROM. It’s full of blue highlights, custom icons, and other goodies.

Tweaks: Let’s start off with that notifications window. As you can see, it’s pretty simple. My favorite part is the subtle HTC logo. It’s not easily visible in some cases, like when pulling down the window over something dark, especially black. But, when pulling it down while in the Android Market, you can see that it says “htc quietly brilliant”, the company’s slogan.

Another asset of this theme is the skinned keyboard. SuperBad uses the default Android keyboard for onscreen typing. Of course, you can always install third party keyboard, but with this gorgeous skin, why would you need to?

One highly requested feature was the 2.1 gallery app. Cyanogen removed this from his ROMs, but HtcClay added it to SuperBad, along with the standard gallery. That way, everyone can have their cake and eat it, too.

Widgets: Another feature of this theme is the customized Power Control and News & Weather widgets. they are almost 100% transparent, which just looks awesome.

While we’re talking about widgets, something that I’ve found to be very helpful is the Boot Control widget. It’s a small widget that does as its name suggests: controls boot options. When you press the icon (which is a cute  blue Android robot), it brings up several options: Reboot Handset, Power Down, Recovery Console, Boot Loader, and Wipe Handset. My favorite of these is obviously Recovery Console, because it takes me straight to my recovery image. This is a very useful tool for someone like me, who is constantly booting into recovery to flash a ROM or theme.

Speed: One of the most important factors in deciding on a theme or ROM (at least for me) is speed. I’ve gone through countless themes that try to use glamor and appeal to cover up their speed (or lack thereof). This isn’t an issue with SuperBad. It flies through apps with the greatest of ease. I have yet to be let down by its hustle.

Summary: SuperBad is a great theme. Not only is it sexy, but it performs well. It combines speed and attractiveness into a magnificent package. So, if you’ve read all the way down to here, and wanna try it for yourself, check out the SuperBad development page on AndroidSpin and enjoy!

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