OMG, I'm gonna fat-finger this again...

I’m a big dude. I’ve got big hands. There are times I miss my G1 and it’s hard keyboard (not bad enough to ditch the Nexus though). But, thanks to ThickButtons typing has just got a bit easier for those of us who are “less than delicate”. I’ve been switching back and forth between this keyboard and the beta Swype keyboard for the last few days.


I prefer to type with two hands in horizontal mode myself, but I can recognize that there is a time and place to type one handed. Like, say you’re busy winning a Guinness World Record for texting speed.

ThickButtons varies the size of the keys as you type, using predictive text to make keys you’re likely to use next larger. So instead of the software trying to guess what the entire word is, it is only predicting what the next letter is likely to be based upon the letter pressed. For example, if you start a word with the letter “Q”, the odds of the next letter being “U” are very high and it will make that key proportionately larger than the others.

Is it better than Swype? I don’t think so. Swype is starting to grow on me the more I use it. But, for those that simply can’t get themselves to drag their fingers around the screen ThickButtons is a great alternative.

Pick it up in the Android Market (QR below) for free and give it a shot. Who knows, maybe you’ll like it?

Check out the video:


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