TimePIN is a security app for android devices, with the concept being that every minute, you have a new passcode. The application uses your system clock to change your passcode.

There are four options in this app. Offset PIN, Double PIN, Mirror PIN and Reverse PIN. Each one modifies the time to create a more secure PIN.



An offset is a number added or subtracted to the TimePIN to generate a new PIN. If the resulting PIN is over 10000, then 10000 is subtracted from it. If the resulting PIN is negative, then 10000 is added to it. If the time is 11:33, the TimePIN is 1122. With an offset of -123 being applied to the PIN of 1133, the resulting PIN will 1010.

Double PIN

The TimePIN is repeated, doubling the length of the PIN. If the time is 8:30, the PIN would be 0830. With the double modifier the final PIN would be 08300830.

Mirror PIN

The TimePIN is repeated, with the second iteration being added in reverse. If the time is 12:34, the PIN would be 1234. With the mirror modifier the final PIN would be 12344321.

Reverse PIN

The TimePIN is reversed. If the time was 9:30, the PIN would [be] 0930, with the reverse modifier applied it would be 0390.

Now that you know what TimePIN does, how does it preform? After you enable it, there is an option called “Demo PIN”. When you select this in the menu, there a toast message pops up showing what your PIN would be at that particular time.

There is also a default PIN. This is to be used when you first start your device, or when you wish to change the settings of TimePIN. It is also used as a fail safe. If you find that you can not unlock your device, you can restart your phone and use the default PIN to get in. This is a neat little security that I will definitely be keeping on my device. This way, even that creep watching you put in your PIN over your shoulder won’t know your PIN because it will change the very next minute. Literally!

While this app is no longer on the Play Store, you can download the apk file from the XDA support thread. There are certain features that require an IAP of $1.99 to unlock, but they are no longer available because the app is no longer on the Play Store. Even without these added features, TimePIN still works as one of the best security apps I have seen in a long time, and doesn’t even require root access.

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