There are tons of frustrating games on the Play Store. From Flappy Bird to Timberman, games that not only annoy us, but become addictive are all the craze. I have spent countless hours, yes hours, playing Flappy Bird and Timberman, competing with my friends and with those on the Google Leaderboards.

Tap Tap Egg has the potential to be another one of those frustrating, yet addictive games. The premise of Tap Tap egg is simple. Tap the egg, make it in the hoop above, and keep moving about your business. However, there are curve balls that are thrown into the game to make it challenging and a little more than frustrating.

Getting started with Tap Tap Egg is simple – log into Google Play Games, keep track of your high scores, and you’re ready to go. The front page has a few different options; Play, Rate Us, Like Us, Settings, and Store. The big ‘PLAY’ button lets you jump right into the game. However, you can see your Best Score in the top left, with the number of stars that have been collected displayed in the top right.

The Rate Us and Like Us buttons do the obvious, and allow easy access to rate Tap Tap Egg on the Play Store. While the Like Us button takes you to the Miquido Games Facebook Page, where you can follow along with any exciting news or updates about the game.

The Store button takes you to another screen where you can purchase more stars, which we’ll get into their purpose, momentarily. Finally, within the Settings panel, you have the option to Restore purchases, toggle the sound on and off, see the creators of the game, and view any licenses that are attached to Tap Tap Egg, you know, for legal purposes.

Now for the game itself, as I stated above, the premise of Tap Tap Egg is simple. The execution of making these tiny eggs into the various hoops, is where things get a bit difficult. The first five jumps that you make, are part of a tutorial that you must go through every time. But it’s an “easy” way to get five points on the board. Once you make it past that point, is where the difficulty picks up rather quickly.

The first jump that is made is simply from one hoop to another. Then you see a hoop that is moving back and forth on the screen, and a nice little hint on the screen tells you when to jump. If you mistime the jump, you fall down, and the level is over. This is where the stars come into effect.

If you want to keep your momentum going, or just made a little mistake, you are given the option to keep playing for a certain number of stars. The first time you fall to your death, you’ll only have to pay two stars, however, from there the amount is ten stars. Without having to jump straight into the IAP for Tap Tap Egg, you have the ability to acquire stars as you progress through the game.

Once you have enough, you can extend your current round, or just pocket those for another time. Obviously, you wouldn’t waste your stars when your streak is only at three or four. As you can see from my screenshots above, I embarrassingly can’t get past eight, no matter what I do. Tap Tap Egg hits most points for quick games, as each time you start up, you more than likely won’t be playing for longer than five minutes.

Regardless of how pathetic my scores are, you can jump onto the leaderboards and check out what other friends are doing. The best part about these games is that if you get a couple friends going, you can really turn this into a battle to see who’s on top of their game. A little competition never hurt anyone.

What We Like

  • Quick and easy to start playing
  • Addicting gameplay to keep you coming back
  • Leaderboards for competition sake
  • Restore purchases button for when/if you switch devices

Not So Much…

  • In-app purchases are a bit pricey
  • Snagging enough stars to use takes a bit longer than expected

With Tap Tap Egg, there is really no aspect to the game that is lacking. The timing is perfect, and there’s no lag while hopping from hoop to hoop. If you want to keep your monster round going, there’s a way to make that happen without being forced into an in-app purchase.

Drop us a line and let us know what you think about Tap Tap Egg and whether this is a game that you could see yourself killing some time with, and if so grab yourself a copy since it’s FREE. If you’ve already been playing, let us know what your high score was, and we’ll try to match it.

Google Play Store: Tap Tap Egg

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