I don’t think I’m the only one that sometimes gets bored of their current screen setup and puts some effort into sprucing it up.  I mean this is Android after all, we are fortunate to have the openness and ability to do so.

Specifically, I’ve recently been wanting to add a nice-looking, customized clock/weather widget and have stumbled upon Unique Widgets, by 6thSolution.  Having had a joy playing around with all the different options, I want to rundown how it could fulfill your itch to tinker and express yourself.


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Upon opening the Unique Widgets app, you’re welcomed with weather information.  Scroll to the right for more details.

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Swiping from the left of the main page presents you all that the app offers.


The theme store is a database of different types of clock and weather images to use in your widgets.  They’re all free, so not sure why it’s called a ‘store’.  It is important to note that there are a whole lot more clock themes than there are weather.  I’m not sure how often 6thSolution plans to update the lists.

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There’s even a nice-looking and informative battery monitor.


All the extras thrown into the Unique Widgets app are great looking and have a Material Design-esque feel.  However, I feel like everyone has their own solutions for weather and battery statuses, and I’m not sure if it’s worth the effort.  But it certainly doesn’t hurt anything.


Unique Widgets isn’t meant to be over-complicated.  To set a widget, go into the Widget Center of the app or do it the old-fashioned way, through your system’s widget menu.  Essentially the options are clock-only, weather-only, a variety of different clock and weather formats, and a power widget.

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When you choose a format, you’re taken to the widget customization area.  You then swift through what aspect of the widget you want to customize.  I’ve labeled them below:

Screenshot_2015-07-02-12-27-23 - Modified

On the top left corner you have a randomizer, if you’re feeling lucky.  Once you’re done with your modifications, simply click on the check mark to place the widget.


The magic of the app is how much customization it allows of little details in the widgets.

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Here’s an example of me throwing random stuff on the screen:


On the layout section, I like the multitude of combinations.  However, the level of customization doesn’t reach to let you play around with the widget’s layout manually.  The clock and weather appearances have loads of options, due to the theme store.  I love that there is simple and advanced sub-menus in the color palette section.  There are 28 different predefined color combinations.  If you don’t like a particular color, just click on ‘Advance’ and change it.

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In a nutshell, Unique Widgets offers a range of eye-candy to fit into the current theme you’re looking for, and which compliments Material Design nicely.  And the fact that there’s a theme store means that the library of options can grow.

Unique Widgets goes for $2.39 on the Play Store, check it out via the link below.

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