With so many apps available these days, its easier than ever to stay on top of everything thats important to you. If its sports, entertainment, or the weather, that you are most interested in, mobile apps are there to keep you informed and make your life much more convenient.

weatherbug1One of the best weather apps out there is WeatherBug. You have likely used these kinds of apps in the past, but they probably just gave you information and a weekly outlook, and not much else. With WeatherBug, however, you can go a step further and see how the weather will impact your day-to-day life. If youre interested in knowing all things weather, then WeatherBug is for you.

The best part of WeatherBug is that it comes from a trusted source. The app has been downloaded over ten million times, and its completely free to download and install. You can get up and running in minutes, and anyone can use this app, as long as they know how to navigate the easy-to-follow menu.

Setting It Up

weatherbug2WeatherBug is pretty straightforward. After you download and install it, you open it up, and it will ask you to agree to the terms and conditions. After you accept, you will find yourself on the home page. The app is available for as both a Android weather app and IOS weather app.

At first, the app will search for your general location. However, if you want to save multiple spots or have a more precise reading, you will need to sign up with your contact information. You can do so by signing up with your Facebook login or via email. If you do go through email, you will need to verify it once youve entered it. The only information needed is your gender and birthday, and once again you will need to agree to terms and conditions.

App Details

On the main page, the app is set up with a set of widgets that you can arrange to your liking. The top shows your current location, with time, temperature, cloudiness level, real feel temperature, and the high and low for the day. Below that you have a list of widgets, including:

  • Wind and rain meter
  • Home energy usage meter
  • Weather news (for the country and your state)
  • Spark widget (checks lightning nearby)
  • Photos
  • Outlook for the week, including videos
  • Live cams nearby
  • Lifestyle widget

weatherbug3The most useful widgets that are available are home energy use, weather news, outlook, and lifestyle. Spark is most useful if you live in an area with a lot of lightning, and the live cams are helpful if you want to check traffic before you head anywhere.

Highlighted Features


Our favorite widget is the lifestyle because it will tell you how the weather will impact your daily routine. Want to mow the lawn? This app will show you the best time to do it. Want to know when allergies are at their peak? You can find out here. This widget enables you to take the data provided and apply it in a way that affects you.

Home Energy Usage

This is another powerful tool if you want to save money on your utility bills and conserve energy. Based on the weather in your area, you can sync up your homes thermostat and find out what the ideal temperature range is for you.


Weekly Outlook

This is another valuable tool if you want to get an overview of the week. With this option, you get a comprehensive view of the days to come, rather than just a list of highs and lows. Here you will find what expert meteorologists have to say about the weather on any given week.

Other Notable Features

weatherbug4The WeatherBug app gives you the ability to save multiple locations, has customizable settings, includes a temperature readout in your status bar, and hosts interactive maps so you can see what the weather looks like around you visually, rather than numerically.


WeatherBug is a practical app to monitor the weather. We especially like that you can see how the weather impacts your utility bills, your lifestyle, and the traffic. And to top it off, its conveniently customizable for your needs.

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  1. Weatherbug used to have a paid version but they no longer support it (for quite some time now). While the content of the free app has improved over time, the slap in the face to paying customers was ridiculous. Accuweather and eHD Weather tell me everything I ever wanted to know about the weather.

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