Let me just start by stating that I am a combination of a Chemist, and obviously a tech enthusiast as I write for AndroidGuys. I don’t find shows like The Big Bang Theory funny. I don’t need to watch shows about myself. My specialty at work is automation and robotics of Medicinal Chemistry. I am the definition of a Nerd. Luckily that is a good thing in today’s time, because I can be nerdy and cool at the same time.

Many of us tech enthusiasts put function over design when it comes to our gadgets. But there are people who demand both function and form when it comes to all of their products. There’s nothing wrong with that. I happen to be one of those people.

Apple comes to mind when I think of a company who makes refined products, and only sells the cream of the crop accessories for its devices. I know I am an AndroidGuy, but that doesn’t mean I can’t see what is going on outside of my world. And in fact I do like nice things. And it doesn’t matter if I like Android or iOS when it comes to phone protection or protecting my valuables. I just want the best and I want it to look good too.

That’s where Bellroy comes in.




Bellroy got its start in 2010 by finding a way to solve the problem of giant overstuffed wallets. The designers had the vision to reengineer the basic wallet to match the times.

Wallets that are designed to hold things like our smartphones, sim cards, credit cards, and sim ejectors don’t have to look “techie”. Bellroy created a line of wallets designed to protect our essentials against the elements, hold our tiny sim cards, coins, cash, keys, credit cards, and most importantly, our smartphones. I have been using one of its wallets for the last six weeks and am in love with it. Let me tell you more.

Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket Plus Design

Bellroy makes the leather focus and foundation of its products. There are very different qualities of leather, and when a product is backed and sold by the retail store Nordstrom, you know its quality has been vetted by more than just Bellroy.

The wallet I was using before the Bellroy was purchased from Nordstrom, which has lasted me over 10 years and aged beautifully. Bellroy’s leather and stitching is no different and is definitely top quality. The smell its leather wreaks of high quality.


“Leather’s unique properties make it the material foundation of every Bellroy product. To ensure our leathers are slim, strong, and a delight to use, we run a magnifying glass over the tiniest of design details. We only use vegetable-tanned leathers from LWG gold-rated tanneries. This ensures they are toxin free and crafted to world-class environmental standards. We then finish our leathers in one of three ways.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.25.40 PM

The Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket Plus wallet is made from the all-weather leather and is definitely waterproof. It’s also extremely durable and withstands my active weekends at the beach or on the local hiking trails. In order to keep what’s inside safe, the makers at Bellroy installed a zipper that is completely rubberized to keep out moisture and dirt.


Inside of the wallet is a variety of perfectly designed pockets – there is a slot for a key, SIM card, SIM ejector, cash money, credit cards, and a smartphone for phones with displays up to 6″. It easily fits the iPhone 6S Plus, LG V10, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, and Nexus 6P.

It measures roughly 7 x 4 inches and is very lightweight. There is heavy duty stitching around the wallet that gives me confidence this wallet can last a long time. Bellroy stands behind its products with a full three year warranty.


In the last six weeks I have been to Boston, Reno, and Los Angeles for work trips. That’s where I put the Bellroy Elements wallet to the test. When I fly I am always worried about losing the little things I carry in my pockets mainly because of TSA airport security.

The process of going through security screening is stressful. You have to take off your shoes, pull out your laptop, throw away liquids, and then put your most valuable items in a fully open container to be scanned by someone who takes their sweet time. All while you’re being patted down or scanned in a giant irradiation chamber in a long line of people.

The Bellroy wallet saved me every single time I had to go through security. With my most valuable items in my wallet, even my wrist watch, I dropped it in the bin with my shoes. It was so much easier to stay organized with this wallet. And it also kept my phone protected from banging around in the bin. The wallet from Bellroy is the perfect travel companion as it reduces so much of my anxiety when I go through the security lines.



If you live in other parts of the country, you would know San Diego really doesn’t experience winter. I can get outside almost every single weekend of the year. The average high for San Diego for the month of February was 65 degrees. On the weekends I was in town, I took my dog to the beach and my Bellroy wallet came along and protected my valuables from the elements. Sand, water, and dust didn’t stand a chance of getting into my Bellroy. The same went for the hikes we went on around the county. The Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket Plus wallet withstood the life of a traveller and outdoor enthusiasts lifestyle with ease.

And when I took it out with me when I went out around town, it fit in just perfectly with its luxurious design. I couldn’t be happier with the wallet.

What I liked:
  • All-in-one solution
  • Gorgeous high quality leather
  • Water and dust resistance
  • Pocket for SIM card and ejector (perfect for a blogger)
  • Perfect for traveling
  • Three year warranty  
What I didn’t like
  • Tad bulky

This is the perfect wallet for staying organized for travelers and outdoor types

At $119.95 some might balk at the price. But considering that it is a phone case and wallet made from high quality leather, I would argue that the price might be on the low side. I have purchased wallets three times its price, and those just held my money and credit cards.

With attention to every single detail, the Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket Plus is perfect for those who care about form and function. Tech is cool these days and the accessories need to match. This wallet does just that and is perfect for those who spend time outside of the home for work or for the love of being outdoors. I’ll be getting a few more of these to give as gifts to my father, brother and a few close friends. You cannot go wrong with a wallet from Bellroy.

To learn more about Bellroy’s entire product line visit them at bellroy.com. If you want to purchase the Bellroy Phone Pocket Plus head on over to Amazon.com where you can get it in a range of colors for $119.95 with free Prime shipping.






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  1. This Bellroy looks really good but I wonder the use on daily basis since we reach our phone like 3264736 a day, so we have to unzip, open, take a look, close en rezip
    I would be so good if there is a version with an integrated external phone pouch, I definitively will buy this one

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