We’re back with another roundup of cool gadgets worth checking out. While we tend to focus our reviews on mobile phones and accessories, sometimes we get the chance to try things that fall just a bit outside of that space. Nevertheless, we think they’re the sort of things that our readers might enjoy learning about.

For this edition we take a look at an ultra thin phone case, a protective case with a battery built in, high quality screen protector, super-strong cable, item trackers, and more!

Awesome stuff, right? We thought so, too. We like ’em all enough to recommend them so that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Totallee Thin Case

Many of today’s top phones are gorgeous devices built with top-notch materials. What’s more, they tend to be really attractive affairs that have interesting colors. Why be in a hurry to hide all of that or tuck it away in some bulky case?

Totallee is a brand that specializes in ultra thin phone cases that provide scratch protection and add grip but without unwanted thickness. With cutouts for fingerprint readers, cameras, and buttons, it’s about as unobtrusive as it gets.

We were sent a black leather case for the Pixel 3XL but Totallee offers a number of options for this, and other phones. Additional choices include solid black matte, frosted clear, and transparent. Depending on which color phone you have you might want to show it off; opt for the transparent or frost stuff.

Our review unit was easy to snap on and was noticeably thinner than others we’ve used. Given the phone is a tad wide, we appreciate shaving off a few millimeters wherever possible.

The leather has held up nicely over the last few weeks, taking but a few scuffs and scratches in the processes. As we see it, the patina is unique and adds a bit of character to the experience.

It’s not the strongest and most durable case we’ve used but we’re pretty careful with our phones. If that sounds like you, we invite you to check them out. Prices range from about $30-$40 and selection includes a handful of Samsung, Google, and Apple devices going back a couple of generations.

InvisibleShield Glass Elite

When strength and security are synonymous with peace of mind, you don’t cut corners. That’s where InvisibleShield excels: solid protection of your most precious gadget.

The Glass Elite series is the strongest glass yet from the brand, resulting in a scratch-resistant layer atop the display of many popular phones. What’s more, it’s anti-fingerprint tech means you’re not leaving oils and smudges.

The reinforced edges are important and ensure that things don’t go shattering when your phone hits the ground at a weird angle. The screen protector does a tremendous job of preventing cracks from spreading. If you’ve ever dropped your phone on a corner, you know how scary that gets, and how fast.

Installation doesn’t get much easier as each box includes instructions, a cleaning wipe, microfiber cloth, dust removal sticker, and mat. Perhaps best of all, each Glass Elite comes with a lifetime warranty against wear and damage. About $40 from InvisibleShield

Mophie Juice Pack for Samsung Galaxy S10

Battery life on flagship phones in 2019 is excellent, with many people getting far more than a day or two from a  full charge. But, that’s not to say it’s perfect. Some days we end up blowing through our battery much quicker.

Whether you’re concerned about using your battery too quick, or when you don’t want to deal with plugging in for a charge, consider a Juice Pack from mophie. They’re available for a variety of phone models, including the latest devices from Google, Samsung, and others.

We’ve been testing one for the Galaxy S10+ and find it to be the perfect companion for a busy day of Pokemon Go or extended wait times at an amusement park.

While it does give your phone an extra layer of protection, the main draw is the extended life. Put one of these on and you’ll find that you get nearly twice the usage from your favorite phone.

In the case of the S10+ Juice Pack, the 2525mAh battery is able to extend the life of your phone all the way up to around 32 hours and still finds away to retain its Qi-enabled wireless charging. Additionally, your phone will still Fast Charge from Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging, too.

Much like other mophie products, there’s a handy LED indicator to keep an eye on how much juice is left. $99.95 at mophie


There are few feelings that rival the gut punch that comes with not being able to locate your phone or wallet. Whether you’re leaving the house or driving home from a restaurant, that “where’s my stuff?” moment just stinks.

The MINT ES aims to be the peace of mind that comes with always being able to find your wallet or car keys. Essentially a key fob, it’s slim enough to fit into the back of your wallet without adding bulk. Moreover, it’s really lightweight and unobtrusive.

Tucked inside is a CR3032 battery that lasts up to a year as well as a buzzer that delivers an alarm up to 80dB. Paired to an app (via Bluetooth) on your phone, it’s all you need to locate your missing item. The melody is short and sweet, repeating until you confirm that you’ve found the keys.

You can set the app to notify you if the fob separates from the phone for a determined period of time. As a digital leash, it’s the quick way to ensure your PWK check (phone, wallet, keys) goes without a hitch. Available in black and white colors for $15 at MYNT

MINT H Wireless Item Finder

Raise your hand if you lost track of the TV remote control in the last few weeks. Or, maybe you’ve got a set of keys that are nearly impossible to locate when it’s time to leave the home.

The Mint H is full kit designed for hunting down various items in the home. The bundle comes with six colored trackers and a remote control. Assign each to a specific thing, such as a riding mower key, tool box, or backpack and you’ll not lose track of them again.

These aren’t GPS trackers and won’t provide a “last seen” alert on your phone, but it’s a great way to keep an eye on the stuff you tend to lose. As long as they’re within range of the remote you should have no problems hearing the 90dB buzzers.

The bundle comes with seven CR2032 batteries, one for each component which should allow for up to six months of life. The back of the remote has a spot to write down the various items you’ve got trackers attached to, ensuring you find them easily. $25 at The Mint Beeper

Fuse Chicken Titan C2C Cable

When it comes to cables for charging phones consumers have an exaggeration of riches. There’s myriad designs, styles, colors, and options. And that’s pretty much the case for microUSB, USB C, and Lightning.

The Titan C2C is the sort of cable you turn to if you’re looking for the toughest, most durable of materials. Wrapped in two layers of steel, it bends and conforms but doesn’t fall prey to the fraying and cracking that comes in cheaper cords. It sure as hell won’t get tied up in knots.

Not only is the cable itself super strong, but the ends are reinforced, too. Whether it’s a careless teen, an untrained puppy, or poor habits, you’ll have a hard time fraying the connections or wearing things down. And just to help you sleep better at night, there’s a lifetime warranty.

One meter long (39 inches), it’s the same length as your standard cable so feel free to replace that generic one you bought on sale. $29.95 at Fuse Chicken

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