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Smartphones are of the few things that most people have with them at all times. Despite being incredibly powerful and capable of performing PC-like tasks, most of us do not use them to their full potential.

If you install the right apps on your Android device, and make use of them perfectly, you can increase your productivity significantly. Bu, given there are a ton of productivity apps available for download, we often see multiple choices for apps that basically do the same thing.

We have put together a list of five of best and most useful productivity apps for your Android device. These will help you to finish tasks on time, simplify work, organize things, and be more productive.


While your Android phone may come with useful apps and features to help be more productive, sometimes they might also be the very reason why you are not focused. Whether it’s school, work, or something else, maybe you’re getting off-topic to browse social media apps. Forest app for Android has come up with a creative solution to help you focus more and use your phone less.

Essentially, Forest allows you to plant a virtual seed within the app which will slowly grow into a tree as time progresses. However, if you leave the app before the specified time, the tree will start to wither and will eventually die.

The idea is to have you use your phone less and concentrate on real-life tasks. The sense of virtual responsibility is what encourages you to do so.

The interesting thing about Forest is that if you subscribe to the pro version of the app, trees will be planted in the real world. In other words, when you are productive and grow virtual trees in the app, they’ll do the same with real trees.

The app also allows you to use a specific list of apps in your device if you whitelist them before starting the productivity timer. You can also view your progress in the form of graphs and charts to get an overview of your productivity levels on different days.

Play Store Link: Forest

Tick tick

Tick Tick is a to-do list app and, as I see it, one of the best productivity apps to create and monitor tasks require focus. The app lets you create and organize different types of tasks, reminders, checklists and more. With its free web version you can also sync all your tasks and to-do lists across multiple devices.

Tick tick also has an option to customize the tasks and get more from them. Separate them by colors and tags, for instance, or set recurring reminders, add them to your calendar, and share them with colleagues or friends if you are working on a collaborative task.

There is also a widget option for at-a-glance view of tasks on the phone home screen as well as built-in Pomodoro timer to complete your tasks within the deadline.

Play Store Link: Tick Tick

Easy Join

Are you someone who constantly switches between phone and computer to check notifications, messages or files, or check a website, your productivity is taking a hit. Further, you’re wasting a lot of time in the process.

productivity apps

If this sounds familiar, try Easy Join, an app that pairs and your Android phone with your PC and syncs all your messages, notifications and even your clipboard.

You can reply to your messages, attend to calls, view notifications, and even paste whatever you have copied on your phone. Be it something like a web link or a phone number without ever leaving your PC.

productivity apps

The app also allows you to send and receive files and personal texts between your devices even without an internet connection. Without having to constantly switch between two devices, you can significantly improve your productivity and also save a lot of your valuable time.

Play Store Link: Easy Join


If This Then That, or IFTTT, is one of the best productivity and autonomy apps for Android to increase productivity in a unique and an interesting way. IFTTT is basically an automation app which handles the repetitive and mundane tasks in your life for you.

For example, IFTTT can automatically create a spreadsheet with all your appointments from emails, send location-based reminders, and so on.

You can connect IFTTT with Google Home or Alexa and get reminders from your virtual assistants. There are hundreds of presets available for different use cases and you can also create your own based on your needs. I personally use IFTTT to automatically log my calls to Google Drive and also to Tweet the videos I like on YouTube.

Play Store Link: IFTTT


Some people are comfortable with taking manual notes whenever in a meeting or to quickly write down thoughts. Some might like to draw a picture of ideas or whatever is their on their mind. There are a few downsides, though, to manually taking notes such as difficulty in organization, searching, and, sharing.

productivity apps

If you are someone who prefers writing to typing, you might love Notebloc. In short, lets users scan and save written notes, drawings, and any other printed document.

You can use the app to scan whatever you want, saving it as a PDF or an image to share with friend or colleagues. Notebloc will automatically detect the paper, removing the unnecessary parts and enhancing the image quality as well.

productivity apps

With the OCR feature in Notebloc you can automatically extract text from the scanned document, edit, and save it in various formats. The app also allows you to rearrange the order of pages of a scanned document as well as create folders to organize related documents and other scans.

Play Store Link: Notebloc

Let us know in the comments below how you are planning to improve your productivity with the help of these best productivity apps for Android and are there any other productivity apps that you use that helps you with the same.

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