It’s Saturday, and the day before Mother’s Day. Did you get mom something nice this year? Before you say no and head out to grab a gift, take a few minutes to look through the following guide.

We want you to find something awesome to purchase for yourself or someone else. Father’s Day is coming up, right? Get in on it early and be a champ.

What you’ll find below is a collection of items that the staff has gathered up which we feel merit your attention. Take a look through this short list and you might find your next favorite thing! Or dad’s.

InvisibleShield Glass Curve Elite

As gorgeous as today’s modern phones are, the last thing we want to do is put a scuff or scratch on them. There’s nothing worse than finding an imperfection on your glass screen. Once you see it you cannot unsee it, right?

InvisibleShield, a brand that’s been in the game of screen protection for some time, has some great solutions for devices like the Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus. The Glass Curve Elite features a shock absorbent layer to help ensure you don’t put a gouge in the glass.

Designed specifically with curved edges in mind, you get to keep your smooth finish and sexy taper. Smudge resistant, you’ve got the same precise touch response as before, plus you get a lifetime warranty. Best of all, it works with your case, too. Pick one up for about $50 from Zagg’s website.

mophie Juice Pack

We’re big fans of mophie here and come to enjoy it whenever new products are introduced for phones. Among the most recent accessories launched are the Juice Pack for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus. Not to worry, though, there are plenty of other devices supported.

No matter how big your phone’s battery is, you can always use a little more. These external batteries are custom fit for your Samsung flagship and provide at least 32 more hours of talk time. How about around 120 hours of music playback? Whatever you wanna do with it; there’s 2070mAh worth of juice to work with.

Slim and low profile in design, you still get wireless charging capabilities in your handset. It’s a protective case and external battery in one. Each Juice Pack comes with a two-warranty. Grab yours for around $100 through mophie’s website.

Solo New York backpack

We all have gear and stuff that gets lugged around from place to place. At any given time we may have to pack up a laptop, phone, chargers and cables, books, magazines, and more.

Solo New York recently introduced three new bags designed to help you tote all of your gear. Not only are they practical, but they’re stylish as hell, too. Capable of holding 17-inch laptops, these have plenty of pockets for your phone and accessories, school books and papers, and other items.

We’ve been using the Everyday Max Backpack for the last two weeks and love the versatility. It doesn’t matter which way you grab it, or what you pack inside; the bag can be carried in all orientations. Throw it over your shoulder or carry it sideways like a messenger bag.

There are pockets big enough for full sized laptops and those small enough for keys and wallets. The yellow accents are really striking against the grey and dark blue.

At the very bottom is an area to house a pair of shoes. Shove ’em inside and know that they’ll not be touching anything else. So, tuck away a pair of crispy white kicks and wear your everyday utility shoes on the commute to and from work. Choose from three new models and purchase yours for about $80.

Mount Genie for Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot

Have you purchased a Google Home Mini yet? If not, get on it! They’re super cool and only get better with time. You won’t remember life before having one.

Although the Google Home Mini has a pretty low profile, it still takes up space on the desk or counter. Wouldn’t it be nice to mount one of these flush to your wall or just plug it directly into an outlet and not worry about the cord? Enter Mount Genie.

With a variety of options to choose from, these guys specialize in creating mounts and accessories for the Google Home Mini, Amazon Echo Dot, and more. Affordably priced, each has its own use case and benefit.

Some are as simple as plugging into the wall outlet while others require just a little bit of work. For the designs that need a hole cut out or mount you’ll receive templates you can trace on the wall or ceiling.

Things change in an interesting way when you realize that you can place your digital assistant in different places throughout the house. So much so that we’re already considering picking up a few more for around the home.

Circle with Disney

With young ones connecting more and more at home how do you as a parent monitor and keep them safe? The Circle with Disney is a small little box that connects to your router and helps you monitor the usage of devices in your home.

Connecting is very simple; you’ll be adding family members to the account in no time at all. After that you pick the age of the family member and then what kind of content they are allowed to connect with, such as as Amazon, Hulu, Minecraft PE, Neflix, PBS, and YouTube.

We’re able to set time limits for certain things like one hour of YouTube as well as a bedtime for when you want certain devices to stay off the network.

We’ve been running with one for a few weeks and  are pleasantly surprised. There’s hardly any configuration to deal with beyond the initial setup. We like that we can view usage from inside the app, knowing which child is active. You are also able to set reward for your child based on certain things. For instance, we had good report cards so one evening we rewarded the kids with No Time Limit Today and No Offtime Today. Purchase for approximately $79 from Circle.

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