Can you believe it’s almost June? Memorial Day weekend is here and a lot of you are likely heading off to the pool or a barbecue. If not today, perhaps on Monday. Relax, enjoy your time with friends and family!

As we tend to do around here, we’ve gathered up some items we’d like to share with you. What you’ll find below is a collection of products, apps, and other stuff that the staff has curated which we feel merit your attention. Take a look through this short list and you might find your next favorite thing!

It’s Father’s Day and graduation season so pay attention!

Libratone Track+

We love these wireless earphones because they’re extremely lightweight and drape nicely around the neck. You hardly know you’re wearing them as the material flexes and moves with you. It makes sense as when we looked them up we learned they were the among the lightest and most compact Wireless In-Ear active noise cancelling earphones on the market.

Sweat and splash-proof, these are the kind of earphones you want to wear to the gym. But, they’re professional looking too, so feel free to take ’em to work or on your commute.

Available in black and white options, the Track+ feature an 8-hour battery and automatically go to sleep when not in use. The noise cancellation is incredible, and users have the ability to choose from four levels. Turn it up all the way when mowing the yard, leave at the bottom if you want to be more acutely aware of your surroundings.

We found these to be balanced very well; there’s no draping or leaning to one side around your neck. Additionally, the controls are dead simple to learn and feel out blindly. Oh, and we love being able to see the percentage of life left in them on our phone. Find these for about $200 at Libratone and Amazon.

Juiced 2.0

Having a portable battery pack is awesome, especially when it’s compact and lightweight. The problem we run into, though, is when we’re out and about and other people (our spouse or children) want to use it. Granted, a lot of these have multiple ports, but then you’re dealing with multiple cables, too.

Juiced is an interesting solution to that sort of problem. Essentially, you’re looking at what’s being billed as “the world’s first wireless group charging station”. In practice, it’s a dock that houses three batteries with built-in microUSB plugs. Each battery is 1,530mAh worth of juice.

Rather than lugging around a 4,500mAh unit, this option lets you bite off what you might need. There are stickers with small suction cups for each battery so you can stick and remove as you need. So, if you’re looking at an extended evening, grab one. Got a longer, busier weekend ahead, grab all three; they’re small enough to toss in a pocket or purse.

The package comes with tips that you can add on for USB C or iPhone, but you only get one of each. We might like to have seen a full 3-pack of USB C, but we understand it’s not that much of a standard yet. On a cooler note, you can also use the adapter to directly charge your phone off of the dock.

We also appreciate that a family can each grab their own little charger to take with them. Simply stick to the back of your phone temporarily and pull the cord out when you need to charge up. Learn more about the Juiced 2.0 at its Kickstarter page

Awair Glow

Ever wonder why you don’t sleep as well as you’d like? Maybe you blame it on allergies and pollen. What if it was simply a case of too much humidity? Or, worse, if it was related to chemicals in the air?

The Awair Glow is a great solution that monitors the quality of air, plus more. Paired with an app, it checks for the temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, and chemicals. Moreover, it presents the data in an easy-to-understand manner.

With a standard wall outlet on the front, it’s designed for your “dumb” appliances. Should the temp get too warm for you, it can automatically trigger the fan plugged in. Or, when the need arises, it can kick on the air purifier.

Compatible with both Google Home and Alexa, you can also use voice to control things. So, you can lie in bed and use Google Home to turn on the air conditioner you bought a few years ago. Or a lamp. Or a portable heater. Or a humidifier. Or a dehumidifier.

Set a schedule to run each day if that’s your preference, or have it work based on motion detection. There’s quite a bit this guy can do, including acting as a night light. Grabs yours for $99 at Awair’s website today.

Cocoon Earbud Charging Case

Chances are you already have a favorite pair of wireless earbuds. And, further, they probably have a microUSB port in them for charging. Rather than throwing them in a pocket or bag, why not put your earphones into something more protective?

The Cocoon, from IFROGZ, is a small, portable shell designed specifically to tote your wireless earbuds around. What’s more, there’s a built-in 580mAh battery so you can charge up while on the go.

The soft touch shell comes in two color combinations: Dark Grey/Red and Light Grey/Blue. There’s a nice split in the design with the one color acting more of an accent.

Turn this one around and you’ll see a light indicator so you can tell how much power is left in the charger. To make things even more convenient, you’ll get a super short USB/microUSB cord that plugs directly into your headphones. Take the cord out and reverse it to charge the Cocoon up from a laptop. Find these for approximately $30 at the IFROGZ website.

Sengled Element Smart Light System

This combo box features a pair of Sengled Element bulbs and a hub to connect with your WiFi network. Futuristic looking to be sure, these aren’t your daddy’s lights. Heck, they’re not your old lights.

Set up on your 2.4GHz network, install the app, and you’re good to go. Once ready, you’ve got full control over the lights, including the ability to dim or adjust the color temperature. While not full color adjustment, it does allow for balancing the white and yellow of lighting to suit your needs or mood.

Set the timer up and you can have your house automatically light up when you wake, and turn off when it’s time for bed. We liked having it dim at lunch time so we had a visual cue that prompted us to take a break.

And, because it’s smart like that, you can connect your light system to Google Home/Assistant or Amazon Alexa. The next time you’re cooking up a romantic dinner, tell your lights to dim as you bring the plates to the table. Get started on your smart home for about $60 through Sengled’s website. Before you know it you’ll be adding more lights and colors to the home.

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