With but a few weeks to go until it’s officially summer things are definitely starting to heat up. We’re finding ourselves outside, grilling, attending graduation parties, and hanging by the pool on a regular basis.

As we tend to do around here, we’ve gathered up some items we’d like to share with you. These items include products, apps, and other stuff that the staff has curated which we feel merit your attention. Some make things easier on us but others are for fun. Take a look through this short list and you might find your next favorite thing!

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Father’s Day is coming up soon so don’t put off buying him something until it’s too late!

Plantronics BackBeat FIT

When you’re out there busting your ass off to prepare for a half-marathon, the last thing you want to worry about is getting back to charge your headphones. No, you want something that will last as long as you do, even if that means going eight hours.

That’s exactly what these headphones are made for – the active type who needs more than just something for music. They’re built to handle water (IP57 rated) without worry, and the nano-coating on top will withstand sweat, too.

Designed to be worn around the back of the head, these comfortably slide over the ear where they fit secure and snug. The open eartip lets you get into your music and workout but still allows for monitoring ambient sounds from the environment.

Each pair of Plantronics BackBeat FIT comes with unlimited access to 12 PEAR Personal Coach App workouts and a 6-month membership to PEAR+, which means interactive audio coaching from popular trainers and athletes. Grab a pair from Plantronics for $160.

Silk Wallet Slayer Phone Cases

Are you a member of the dying breed of people who still carries around cash? You might like to check out the case selection from Silk, makers of “Smartish Products”.

We were sent the Q Card case for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, but the company also makes designs for other models, including iPhone. Snug, and tightly stitched together, these cases are a mix of fashion and function.

With room for cash or up to three credit cards, the back pocket lets you keep the wallet or purse home for the night. The texture on the edges make it easy to grab your phone in a pinch but also prevents slipping when using with one hand. Oh, and you can use any credit card as a kickstand; turn the phone on its side and snap the card in!

Should you drop your phone with one of these cases on you can breath easier knowing there’s some hidden stuff at work. Indeed, there are corner pockets of air designed to help cushion a blow. Purchase yours for around $25 from Silk.

MyQ Smart Garage Hub

In the off chance you haven’t heard yet, we’ll let you know: connected and smart homes are awesome. On the down side, it can be pretty expensive to outfit an entire house with new bulbs or Wi-Fi devices.

Start simple. Start with somewhere you find yourself nearly every day. The Smart Garage Hub is an excellent device for people looking to smarten up their house.

Setup couldn’t be any easier; one piece goes on the garage door and the other goes next to the controls on the wall. Before you know it you’ll be able to control the garage door from your phone. Best of all, it works with nearly all garage door openers made since 1993.

There’s nothing like being able to check on the status of your garage door from pretty much anywhere. Moreover, it’s empowering and really quite cool to be able to open the door to let a delivery driver drop something off or close the door after an absent-minded child leaves.

Automation and smarts are taken up another level thanks to support for devices and platforms such as Nest, Xfinity & Wink. Buy one for around $80 from Chamberlain.

Choetech Fast Wireless Charger

Priced at just $17.99 through Amazon, it’s among the less expensive wireless chargers you might find on the market. Don’t let that fool you, though, this is a solid unit that’s backed by a 30-day return policy and a 18-month warrant. Moreover, you also get lifetime technical support should that ever present itself.

The platter itself has a panda bear’s face printed on it with five non-slip sticky spots. These bite your phone nicely and ensure it isn’t accidentally pushed off or slid into a weird angle. As for the overall footprint, this one takes up about as much space as a coaster you’d place a drink on. Read our full review!


The MEGABLAST comes in several color combinations, including Graphite, Blue Steel, Merlot, and Blizzard. Our review unit, the Blizzard variety, looks fantastic with its stunning white plastic and darker grill.

The grill looks (and feels) like a black and white mesh that gives the speaker a little bit of visual flair without being too flashy. But, if you want flashy, you may want to check out the Blue Steel or Merlot colors because they’re definitely head turners.

Even though you wouldn’t look at the MEGABLAST and put it in the same category as an Amazon Echo, it can do all of the same things. It can control your smart home appliances, remind you how to spell onomatopoeia, or check the weather for tomorrow.

If you have $249 in your pocket and you’re looking for a fantastic speaker, it’s easy to recommend the MEGABLAST. This is one of, if not the, best sounding speakers we’ve ever heard. Read our full review!

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