The Bird is the Word: Part III (Twitter Reviews)

Twidroyd Review

Developers Zimmermann & Marban are responsible for releasing what many consider to be the most complete Twitter application on the Android Market. Twidroyd has been tinkered with and tweaked numerous times since its release over a year ago, and the version available today is offers a pleasant and thorough Twitter experience.


Twidroyd looks like you would expect a Twitter client to look. The timeline is white and is accented by the light blue bar along the bottom of the application, although this can all be changed based on the user’s preferences. Upon opening Twidroyd you are greeted by your Twitter timeline. The menu on the bottom of the application allows you to view your timeline, compose a tweet, view your mentions, read direct messages, search and refresh your timeline. Clicking on an individual tweet brings up a menu filled with a bevy of options, but there are too many to list, and frankly, too many to make the menu usable. Replying to an individual tweet should be an easier process.

Twidroyd Pro comes with three widgets. The smallest of the widgets is a bit unnecessary as it merely notifies you of new direct messages and mentions. You cannot tweet from this widget. It’s largest widget, however, is just as functional as any other Twitter widget. There are two large arrows which are used to scroll through tweets, and aside from the Twidroyd icon in the upper left-hand corner, the widget’s appearance is clean-looking.


Like most other premium Twitter clients, Twidroyd is extremely customizable, but there is one caveat: you must have the Pro version. This review is based on the Pro version because I am a firm believer in supporting the developer who are responsible for creating many of the apps that we take for granted. Twidroyd allows you to choose your theme, Tweet list length and even the picture uploading service used by the application. A neat, albeit gimmicky, feature of Twidroyd is the ability to refresh your feed by shaking your phone.

Scan to download Twidroyd 3.4.1

Hitting the menu key while viewing your timeline will grant you access to a submenu that, among many other functions, allows you to access your profile. You can view both your friend and follower lists, edit your website and change your profile picture, which is a nice feature.


Twidroyd Pro is a great Twitter client that excels in many ways, and it’s not surprise that it is heralded as one of the best Twitter applications available in the Android Market. Twidroyd  does, however, fall short of the best Twitter application, which we will review tomorrow, due to occasional issues with responsiveness. You will not be disappointed if you purchase Twidroyd , however the application does not do enough to stand out in the crowd of Twitter applications in the Android Market. The Pro version costs approximately $4.00 (€3.39), and can run on all versions of Android. Stay tuned to for the review of the best Twitter application in the Android Market.

EDITOR NOTE: Formerly known as Twidroid, the review for this application was drafted slightly ahead of the Tweetup acquisition.

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