Whether you cycle through flagship phones every 6-12 months or hold onto your device for a few years, you’re going to need some accessories. A protective case, a portable power bank, some extra cables… There are plenty of things we buy to complement our mobile experience.

The problem we often face with accessorizing is that it can get pretty expensive. It’s not unheard of to spend more on your extras than on the phone itself. One company, Blitzwolf, recognizes this, and aims to deliver quality phone tech that’s affordable.

With a lineup spanning dozens of products, there’s something for everyone. What’s more, it offers affordable devices that rival those from bigger, more prominent names. And, as if that weren’t incentive enough, its products are backed by an 18-month warranty.

BW-FYE2 True Wireless Earbuds

Wireless is all the rage right now. Not just in charging of your phone, but in how you listen to music. Bluetooth is one thing, but true freedom comes in the form of earbuds that aren’t tethered together.

Paired via Bluetooth 5.0, these provide a more stable connection with lower power consumption. What’s more, they can work individually for mono or together in stereo.

The BW-FYE2 earbuds are IPX5-rated and withstand both water and sweat. Feel free to take them with you on a rigorous run or workout. Don’t worry about battery life, either as they’ll give you 2.5 hours per charge. The carrying case doubles as a portable charger which lets you get another 3X the life for a total of 10 hours.

The multi-function button lets wearers answer, reject, and hang up phone calls. When it comes to music, it also handles play, pause, next song, and previous song. Pick these up for about $35 from Banggood.


BW-FWC2 Fast Wireless Charger

What’ya want, the leg or the wing? This wireless charger is not only fast, but it’s versatile, too. Prop your phone up in landscape or portrait orientations or simply place it flat on its back.

With two coils tucked inside for convenience, the BW-FWC2 is incredibly efficient at its job. It handles the 5W and 7.5 W speeds without breaking a sweat and the 10W stuff tops off your flagship phone in no time.

The LED indicator tells you that your phone is charging so keep your hands off and get back to work. Reddit can wait.

Offered in white, the charger comes with a USB Type-C cable but requires your own wall adapter. Hey, it’s how things stay so inexpensive! Grab one for only $15 at Banggood.

BW-TC10 USB-C to USB 3.0 Cable

These days it’s not just high-end phones that rely on USB Type C for charging. The MacBook, Nintendo Switch, Pixelbook, and a whole array of devices also use the new standard.

The BW-TC10 might support the new standard but it’s no standard cable. With gold-plated heads, this 6-foot braided cable looks awesome and works awesome, too. We’re talking upwards of 5GBps for data transfer.

Compatible with Quick Charge 2.0, QC 3.0, and a host of other fast charging technologies, it’s the one you want for your phone or mobile devices. But, given the length of the cable and its shielded, protective coating, you’d be forgiven for outfitting your entire household with them.

Attractively priced, you can find the cable for under $7 at Banggood. Go with a standard coating and you can scoop one up for under $3 right now.

BW-AS2 Wireless Speaker

With an angular, and somewhat mean-looking aesthetic, the Bluetooth speaker looks right at home in pretty much any environment. And, thanks to the pair of 5W mid-treble and 30W bass speakers, it’s powerful enough to fill any room in that home.

The various buttons give listeners full control over their audio experience. Look for volume, play, next song, previous song, power, and more. Additionally, there are keys for taking calls. Indeed, there’s a microphone present as well so you have a full-bodied speakerphone experience.

While you might be content with leaving the BW-AS2 in one place, the internal battery lets you take it with you. Inside is a 5600mAh power source which is good for some 3-5 hours of playback, depending on volume levels.

The Bluetooth speaker is available for $56 at Banggood.

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