Blocky Cars Online

Imagine Minecraft. Add a dash of racing, a dash of combat, and viola, you have Blocky Cars Online.

Blocky Cars Online overview

The first thing you do in Blocky Cars Online is build your car. They do give you a prebuilt starter car to use, but you can build and modify your car anyway that you see fit. There are various materials that you can use to build and modify your car and each material has its own properties. The reasons for using different materials will vary depending on the mode of game play that you are choosing. For example. you wouldn’t want to weigh you car down with weapons if you are racing and you wouldn’t want to use lighter materials in a battle.

Blocky Cars Online

Every time you increase a level, new items are unlocked for you to use in modifying your car. In order to use the new materials, you must purchase them using the in-game coins. You earn coins by participating in battles and races. You’ll also get bonus coins every day that you log in and of course you can purchase coins via in-app purchases. You’ll need to constantly update your vehicle(s) if you want to stay competitive when you change levels.

One of the things that annoyed me a little is that you can’t see the item stats when you’re building or modifying your vehicle. If you want to see the stats you’ll need to go to the store and look at the item(s) in question.

Once you are satisfied with your car you can choose from various game modes. As inferred by the title of the game, all modes are online. There are not really any single player modes. You can test your vehicles without other players, but that’s about it.

The first game mode is racing. It’s pretty simple. race through the checkpoints  as fast as you can. The races as well as the battles allow you to join and or create races online. There are seven tracks to choose from. You can also name the track and  limit the maximum players anywhere from 2-8 if you are the creator of the race. The race mechanics are hard. Your vehicle design will greatly impact the handling speed and other aspects. This will largely determine your success. I found that my vehicle was hard to handle, but then again, my impression was that everyone was having a hard time.

The second mode is team battle. Like the racing modes, you can either create your own game or join an existing game. You are automatically assigned to either the red or blue team. The object is simple. destroy the enemies vehicles with the turrets, rocket launchers, and other weapons available to purchase and equip. If your team wins, you’ll gain coins and experience. You’ll need experience to level up.

One of the nice things is that when you join a match in any mode you’ll be paired up with people that are on the same level that you are. There is a checkbox that will allow you to play with the big boys of you choose.

The third mode is a deathmatch.  The object of this mode is to be the last one standing.

Like many online games, this game features an online chat system. In the game, there is a microphone icon that will allow you to speak and out of the game there are chat boxes on almost every screen to allow you to chat with other players. Parents should be aware that the language gets a little crass and raunchy at times.

The music in the game is nice, but there is only one track and it gets old and repetitive pretty quick. A few more tracks would do wonders for this game.

One of the nice features of the app is that they have integrated Unity’s Everyplay. Everyplay is a Twitch like game recording service for your mobile. You can upload the videos to Everyplay’s servers and share it to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Here is an example of a video I recorded in game.

Blocky Cars Online setup

This game is initially fairly easy to setup. Just download it from Google Play. After that, you can start playing, but if you want to use the Everyplay recording you’ll need to set up an account or sign in if you already have one. Another thing I would recommend is to go to the store and look at the materials so that you’ll have an idea of what properties the various items will have when your’e working on your car.

Who will enjoy Blocky Cars Online

If you enjoy online games and competition, then you’ll like this game. If you like Minecraft, then you may also enjoy this game. If you like racing or shooting games then you may enjoy this game as well. If you like all of the above, then you’ll probably love this game.

What we liked

  • Online gameplay
  • Vehicle customization
  • Everyplay integration

What could have been better

  • At times, the game was pretty laggy
  • Foul language in chat

Blocky Cars Online summary

I think if I could change anything about this game I would add parental controls over the chat. I wouldn’t allow my children to play the game as it is. However, if I could turn the chat off and protect it with a pin, I would have no problems letting my kids play this game.

Overall I enjoyed this game. Is it perfect? No. Is it fun? Yes.

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  1. is there a way to disable the chat? This game sounded like great fun for my minecraft obsessed kids, but I don’t think they’re ready for the internet’s unique flavor of trash talk, at least I’m not ready to explain those words to them.

    • My kids are obsessed with Minecraft as well. I hope the developer reads this and adds parental controls.

  2. Does anyone know how to save accounts on BlockyCars here? i just played for 2 straight hours customizing cars and playing matches then i refresh my browser typed my username but then it was lost it didnt save i play on my computer pls help

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