If you’ve been in the market for a pair of Google Assistant headphones, you’ve undoubtedly come across these two from Bose and JBL. There aren’t many choices for Google Assistant headphones currently, and the Bose QuietComfort 35 II and JBL Everest 710GA are a couple of the only ones that offer the over the ear design. Take a look below as we put these two head to head to see which one is worth your hard earned dollars.


Both of these headphones are primarily made from plastic, but that doesn’t mean they are the same. While the JBL 710GA offers a sturdy build that feels like it can take some abuse, it just felt a little lacking in comparison. The QC 35 II felt more solid in my hands and Bose paid more attention to small details, such as all the little metal screws holding it together. In the end, this might all be unnecessary, but it gave the appearance that the Bose were built to last.

Style is subjective, and there isn’t much you can do when it comes to the design of headphones. Regardless, I have to give the edge to the Bose QC 35 II when it comes to style. When compared to the JBL Everest 710GA, the QC 35 II offers a sleeker design, which is less bulky and just looks nicer on your head.

Both pairs are similar in weight and offer plenty of padding for the top of your head, and neither will squeeze your head too tightly. If you’re going to be wearing them for long periods of time, both are plenty of comfortable, but like all closed back headphones you can expect your ears to get a little warm.

In the end, I still had to give Bose the win for comfort overall. Despite having ample padding the JBL 710GA didn’t fit quite as snug or feel as soft when compared to the QC 35 II. That doesn’t mean the JBL 710GA were uncomfortable though, not at all. I found the JBL 710GA offered a great fit on my head, but the leather was not as soft and supple as the QC 35 II.

When it comes to the buttons and controls, I again found in favor of the Bose QC 35 II. The buttons on the QC 35 II are easier to distinguish by feel alone and are more satisfying to push.

Plus, you can reassign the Google Assistant button on the QC 35 II to Alexa or to control the noise cancellation settings. While on the other hand, the JBL 710GA uses a touch-sensitive button for Google Assistant, which is easy to trigger accidentally and cannot be reassigned or disabled.

Sound Quality

When it comes to headphones, sound quality is one of the most important factors. Neither the JBL 710GA or the Bose QC 35 II disappoint in this area. However, the Bose QC 35 II definitely widens the gap in this category by providing better sound and active noise cancellation.

When listening to music, I found the Bose QC 35 II offered clearer highs with a wider soundstage and was generally more balanced and neutral. The QC 35 II made it easier to hear the small details in song and to pick out individual instruments because of better sound separation.

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The JBL 710GA on the other hand, were a little more bass-forward, but still not bass heavy in comparison. They weren’t able to offer the clarity of the QC 35 II but were still able to provide a good listening experience. The highs were a little lower, but I still found the music to be clear and it offered a pleasurable way to enjoy your music.

In the end, I think if you never heard the QC 35 II you wouldn’t be disappointed with the sound on the JBL 710GA. The biggest difference would come from the lack of active noise cancellation with the 710GA. The Bose QuietComfort line has long been famous for its ANC and for good reason, this can make a big difference if you listen to music in a noisy environment.

Battery Life

When it comes to battery life between the two, this is the one category the JBL 710GA takes the lead. Without needing additional power for active noise cancellation, the 710GA are able to best the QC 35 II by offering up to 25 hours of playback.

While in contrast, the Bose QC 35 II are only able to offer up to 20 hours of playback time, which isn’t likely to make much of a difference. That’s still plenty to get you through some of the longest flights, and if you’re a frequent traveler, you’re probably not worried about losing five hours of battery life for the added benefits of ANC.

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Final Thoughts

After comparing these two pairs of headphones, there is no question, the Bose QC 35 II wins hands down. It offers the best build, comfort, sound quality, and experience overall. However, all of that comes at a pretty high price with the QC 35 II starting at $350.

While the JBL Everest 710GA might not be as premium, that doesn’t mean it is a bad pair of headphones. The JBL 710GA is a solid midrange pair of headphones that gives you Google Assistant capabilities without breaking the bank. They can often be found for $150 online, which is $200 less than the QC 35 II, making them a great alternative if you’re on a budget.

Bose QC 35 II at AmazonBose QC 35 II at Bose

JBL Everest 710GA at AmazonJBL Everest 710GA at JBL

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