Chaos Chronicle (review)


Chaos Chronicle is made by NEXON, the creators of.. wait, DomiNations? and 44 other games?  Whaaaa- okay NEXON, that is a good start.

Permissions-wise, it only asks for storage – and needs 580MB, so that’s quite a bit.

Let’s get into it!

After installing the base app, you need to download extra files, which brings it to the lovely 580MB file size. Then the game actually begins, with a good ol’ tutorial.

So, the tutorial! its simple really- you pretty much time pressing each person’s ability icon and time the second press right (depending on the skill.) In other words, super simple. Then you get to pick your character out of…

I went for the mage since being insanely ‘broken’ is fun… right? Anyway, then you get to pick your house, AKA team name. It cant have spaces, or symbols, and has to be less than 8 characters – so quite restrictive. But in the process of learning, I tried:

So began the story of house ‘swears’ as its struggle of name creation was left behind them.

Once that’s over, you are greeted with a mess of a home screen as you are taught how everything works. Fairly standard – you have your hero editing and leveling menu, some form of social and guild system, as well as all sorts of offers and mission tabs. The shop lets you buy currencies (more on them later) and “hero contracts” which let you recruit new members.

Buttons, lots of them.

The main one you’ll be hitting is “stage,” which greets you with this screen

I wonder who will win between a team of humans and something that looks like it’s from the Transformers universe…

There are 18 levels, with 12 stages each. 216 Stages? Sure! Plenty to do, and they give good rewards. There’s also a plot – from what I can work out, you (and your team) stumble across a large issue after getting a core off a giant golem.

There are also different types of skills. Normal ones are tap-to-activate, Ones with a red icon next to the character need two taps- one to start a reticle moving, the second to use the ability. Blue icons require you to hold your finger on the icon to charge it when you see an “OK!” You can fire for maximum damage, or before then for less power.

In-App Purchases!

Well, there is a lot to go through here, so I’ll get into it:

  • Two starter packs – one costs £3.79, the other £26.49. of courses, the second one gives much more.
  • A “Grow your house” pack for £26.49. it’s designed to give you a variety of rewards to help in the early days.
  • A quick £0.89 pack that can be bought once.
  • A £7.99 pack that gives you rubies(the premium currency) every day for 30 days.
  • A variety of ruby packs priced from £2.69 to £84.99
  • A variety of premium packs (Gold, Rubies and Hero contracts) priced from £8.99 to £89.99.

Now that’s a lot of buyable things.


Well, I can’t say much about a game genre I don’t often play – but from what I can work out, it’s not too bad. Nexon has a good portfolio which does help them, and it is a stable product. Who knows, I might keep it!

And remember the first wall of these sort of games – The mage classes are absurdly strong.

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