Cheats for Minecraft Pocket Edition isn’t what the title seems to indicate. It isn’t an app that allows cheats in Minecraft PE via the app. Instead, it’s the mobile app for the website minecraftpecheats.com. The web developer used the Mobiloud Wordpress plugin to create his app out of his web page. I wanted to mention that upfront because it’s important to judge this app based on what it is and not on what it seems to be.

Cheats for Minecraft PE overview

As I mentioned this app is simply a repacked version of their website with push notifications.  To me, this is the biggest disappointment. My opinion on mobile apps is that they should offer up a significant feature or improvement over what is available on the mobile site. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. The push notifications are the only improvement over the website, but I can get those with my favorite RSS reader.

As I mentioned earlier this is basically minecraftpecheats.com reframed into a mobile app. I feel like the rest of the review is basically a review of the site, but I’ll refer to it in the context of the app.

This is basically a Minecraft PE blog. There are articles that are broken down into categories. These articles showcase maps, seeds, world designs, guides, mods, skins, and news. The app will allow you to filter the articles, based on the aforementioned categories.

Cheats for Minecraft PE setup

Other than installing it from Google Play, there is no other setup required.

Cheats for Minecraft PE app usage

At first I didn’t like the app. I didn’t understand what the app was. I was thinking that the app would enable cheats on Minecraft PE. After all there are a few Minecraft apps that enable mods, so why not?

I soon noticed that the cards were actually articles, so I googled “Cheats for Minecraft PE” and the website popped up. As I’m looking at it, it dawns on me that it’s the same exact thing as the app.

From there I started questioning why the app was even necessary, but I realized that I would have never found the web page if I had never found the app. I imagine that the developer uses the app as a discovery tool.

While there is nothing that I can access on the app that I can’t access on the website, the app does seem to load much quicker than the website. The interface is also easier to use than on the website. However, there are plugins for WordPress that the developer can use to make the website look more like the app.

Minecraft PE Cheats ScreenShots

What we liked:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Fast loading
  • Interesting reads

What could be better:

  • Different functionality than the website

Cheats for Minecraft PE summary

Overall I found that the articles were interesting to read. The app loaded quicker than the web page and there are push notifications, but these are features found in most RSS readers. I believe that the purpose of this app has more to do with providing another avenue to discover minecraftpecheats.com, than to make it easier to read on mobile devices.

Nevertheless, if you are a Minecraft PE fan, then you will probably enjoy using this app. There is a lot of cool information in the app that fans will appreciate.

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