Your phone’s keyboard, one of the most used pieces of software on your device, and the one you have thought the least about. Like many, I use my phone for my job, to communicate with friends and family, to plan social events, and to keep my schedule for both my work and social life in order. To do all of these things, I use my keyboard, yet I never thought about how the default keyboard could be improved.


As I began to use my phone more in my professional life, I began to notice a few areas the Google Keyboard was letting me down. A lot of my job requires researching variances and resolving system issues. To conduct much of this research, I walk around a building, pulling model numbers off of products and inserting them into my company’s website, which I pull up on my phone. To correctly input a model number, I often switch back and forth between the number pad and keyboard 5+ times, which is horribly time-consuming and tedious. The Chrooma Keyboard drastically changed this. Chrooma adds a lot of functionality, flexibility, and customization to the keyboard, an often overlooked but important part of your device.

Installing Chrooma Keyboard

Chrooma has made the installation process as pain and hassle free as possible. Once you have downloaded the app from the Google Play Store, open the app to begin the setup process. The app then walks you through the setup process step by step. First, you will select the keyboard you want to use as your default (Psst…its the Chrooma Keyboard), next, you will select your language, followed by enabling permissions, signing into Google, and finally, you will update Chroma’s text prediction with your previous SMS messages. That’s all there is to it!

Chrooma Keyboard Install
Chrooma Keyboard’s set up process

My Experience

While there are two versions of the app, the free version and a “Pro” version, the functionality that the Chrooma keyboard provides in both is a breath of fresh air. The paid version of the app allows the user access to a couple more customizations and features but is by no means a necessity to have a good experience. The additions in both versions are all targeted at making your time with the keyboard more efficient and enjoyable. It starts with the little things like “Dynamic Preview” which gives you a better look at what you are typing while using swipe.

Chrooma Dynamic Preview
Chrooma Keyboard’s dynamic preview

In addition to dynamic preview changing the way you see what you are typing, Chrooma can predict what you type and then correct small mistakes you make. The auto correction is able to learn, and after spending two weeks with Chrooma’s auto correction, it has gotten even better at correcting my typing. In the few instances where the auto correct did not catch on to a word I want it to remember, I was able to add the word to the keyboard’s dictionary manually.

While the auto correct and Dynamic Preview are nice, the “Action Row” is one of the most useful features found on the Chrooma Keyboard. The Action Row is an additional row added to your keyboard that you can customize to your liking. Unlike the rest of the keyboard, this row is not static. The Action Row can slide back and forth between different custom rows you have set up allowing you to add even more functionality to your keyboard. The Action Row has had the largest impact on my daily use, especially at work since it has eliminated my need to constantly change back and forth between the number pad and my keyboard.

Chrooma Keyboard Action row
Chrooma Keyboard Action Row

While some will be sold on the functionality alone, the developers who made Chrooma know people want customization. The customization starts with the action row but goes well beyond that. You can adjust the size and alignment of the keys, allowing for better one handed typing. You can also change the theme to a color adaptive theme that will change color every time you send a message or an AMOLED theme that should save you battery since many of the pixels covered by the keyboard will be off. Maybe the pure black of AMOLED keyboard is not your thing, well pick the color you want, apply a gradient and font, and you have another custom keyboard built for you. By tweaking the functionality and the look of your keyboard, you can make the Chrooma Keyboard what you want and what you need it to be.

Chrooma Keyboard


The Chrooma keyboard is a great addition that anyone can use. After the first week of using the keyboard, I decided to invest in the app because of how much of an impact it had in my everyday life. For $2.49, you can unlock all the little of nuances of the app that add the little extra touch of customization and functionality, but again I reiterate, it is not necessary to have a good experience.

I started this review hesitant about trying a new keyboard, but I can honestly say I would recommend this app to everyone. The Chrooma Keyboard took the standard keyboard that many people use daily without much consideration and made it highly functional and reliable. I personally have experienced how this keyboard can be customized to do a job, and now, I use it daily at work. The Chrooma keyboard is definitely worth your time and effort to download.

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  1. Great review. It’s apps like these that take the simplicity and design of Google apps but add obvious features and customization that make it so much better

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