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Puzzle games are aplenty on the Google Play store. It’s rare to find one that really pulls you in to the point where you want to play for more than 10 minutes at a time. Thankfully Color Glide, from Eternal Studio, is a game that is fun and addicting early on. The premise is simple, but the complexity quickly ramps up.

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Think you have what it takes to solve puzzles like this?

As the player you must solve each puzzle by “gliding” colored squares into the appropriately colored goal. Simple physics allow each colored square to slide up, down, right or left. Later on, puzzles test your skills by creating walls that only certain colored blocks can pass through, or by forcing players to combine two colors to create a new color. It’s a rewarding experience when you use a little bit of wit to figure out the correct combination of moves.

Each level has a goal, or par, for the amount of moves to solve each puzzle. If the level is completed at or close to par, the player will receive a bronze, silver or gold trophy. This adds to the replay-ability as you can return to any level you’ve completed to best your previous score.

color glide level 28
Before you know it, you’ll be combining colors to reach new goals

Music is minimal and soothing. This is not a fast paced, frantic puzzle game like Tetris–it’s more thoughtful and calculated, so the ominous, gentle music fits right in. The sound effects are sparse with chimes, dings and effectively what could be described as shattering glass. Overall, a nice complement to the overall aesthetic.

Color Glide does implement leader boards in a very minimal way. You can see scores from friends you have within the Google Play games network, but outside of that, the leader boards are quite limited. The game also has an option to pay to remove those pesky ads (which I did not do), to tweet out to your followers about the game, or to link to and like Eternal Studio on Facebook.

More levels can be purchased with gems at any time. Gem prices range from 100 for $.99 to 600 for $4.99, or can be supplemented by ads. Also, you have the option to play the Daily Level, which is a unique level that is updated each day. Color Glide offers 37 levels from the start, which should be a good amount of challenge for most players. After that, if you still enjoy the game and want more, feel free to spend your gems on more levels.

For fans of the puzzle genre, it’s hard not to recommend Color Glide. It’s simple enough for a child to understand, yet deep enough for the most intellectual player to exercise his or her mind a bit. Check it out in the Google Play store if you’re up for a fun and colorful challenge.

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