Color Switch: a colorful, timing-based puzzle for all skill levels [Review]


Color Switch is a timing-based puzzle fit for all ages. It is frustratingly addicting and, if played for too long, will make you see spinning, colorful circles everywhere you look.

Developer: Fortafy Games

Price: Free (ad-supported and in-app purchases)


  • Bright Colors
  • Google Play Games integration
  • Compare your scores to your friends


Color Switch takes your run of the mill, timing-based puzzle and adds a twist – color. The mechanics are simple; tap the screen to make the ball jump up. The rest of it, not so much. You must keep the ball in the air while keeping it from touching anything that is the wrong color; at times, this means keeping your ball in a small space until you can move up. To make matters worse the ball changes color every time you complete an obstacle. The game has a simple scoring system, collect stars. Stars are used both as currency to purchase additional shapes that you can play as, and to gauge how far you have gotten in the game.

Graphically, this game is beautiful. The colors are bright, the animations are smooth, and the mechanics, though simple, are very precise. It is very evident Fortafy put some hard time into creating a quality product for us to play.

Now that we have explained the basics and reviewed some technical aspects, let’s go over the available game modes.


Simply pressing the play button on the main screen starts a game of Color Switch. This play mode allows you to play through randomly generated obstacles until you fail, collecting stars along the way.



A series of different scenarios ranging from Easy to Hard as labeled in the app. (100 challenges total) These are meant to take you through the complexities of the game and allow you short, finite challenges to conquer.


This takes the game you have taken so much time perfecting and flips the gravity upside down. your ball starts at the top and as soon as you begin, the ball starts falling. Continue to tap the screen to make the ball jump up and temporarily stop the decent. Pass the ball through like colors and collect starts to complete the levels.


As insinuated by the name, this is a race against the game. In each level there is a different “character” that you must race through the obstacles and, you guessed it, color changing still applies to both bouncing shapes.


Have you ever wanted to finish a colorful puzzle in a dark cave? Here you go. In Cave mode, you only have enough light to make out the obstacle in front of you, adding yet another level of difficulty to the game.

6Color Swap

You guessed it, instead of changing colors at a set interval between obstacles, your shape changes colors at set time intervals. The new color is depicted by flashing bars on the sides of the screen. Plan you obstacles carefully as timing here is even more important.

7Color Fly

This plays very much like the internet favorite Flappy Bird. Tap the screen to make your shape hop up as the screen scrolls to the right. All other rules still apply.


After each obstacle, the direction of gravity changes to match the direction of the arrows you see and, of course, colors still matter.


For those with the ability to divide your attention, each time you tap the screen your shape splits into two. Pass spinning stars and navigate other colorful obstacles as the map scrolls up automatically.


Bounce your shapes off walls like Pong. The only catch is you can only bounce off the sections that match the appropriate color.

11Black & White

As the name would suggest, you are only dealing with two colors here. The catch is, you must pass through the opposite color of your ball. C’mon, you knew the curveball was coming.

What I Like:

  • Beautiful colors
  • Smooth animation
  • Tons of play modes

What I don’t:

  • Not much, this game is solid from top to bottom.


This is a fun, bright game with varying levels of difficulty. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a recreational player or a hardcore gamer, Color Switch has a challenge for you.