Colors United is a perfect way to kill time! [Review]

CU Splash smlWe’ve all been in those situations where you are just waiting for something to happen out of your control (a doctor’s office, waiting in any line, ever, or waiting for your wife to finish riding her horses so you can go play D&D), and, living in the tech age, we all have those simple little games we like to play to pass the time while we wait. Colors United, by Acun Medya, is a perfect game to add to your rotation of games that simply pass the time.

After setup completes, the game connects you automatically to Google Play Games and launches the game for you. Simply press the large play button in the middle of the screen and start passing the time like a pro!


This is a typical “simple to play, hard to master”, puzzle game. The goal is to “unite” all of the colors in the shape into a single color. This is accomplished by changing the color of the section you control into an adjacent color. By doing this, you take control of all sections of the new color. Rinse and repeat until a single color covers the screen.

The game quickly adds a layer of complexity by throwing in a counter. The number on the counter shows how many more times you can change colors before you fail that level. Upon completing the level, you are rewarded with stars (three possible for each level). The number of stars you receive is determined by how many moves it takes you to complete the level. Collecting all the stars will grant you access to bonus levels.

One unique thing about Colors United that you don’t see in a lot of these games is the encouragement to play against friends (or strangers if you wish). There is a battle mode where you are able to play against another player or the AI. The objective is to go back and forth to see who can get the last move. There is also a daily puzzle which you can complete and compare scores with your friends on Google Play Games.


CU Gameplay smlAs expected, this game is centered around changing colors to solve a puzzle. I was pleasantly surprised by the choices made by the developer to use bright, vibrant colors that are not too bold as to hurt your eyes on these tiny screens we stare at all day. All animations are easy on the eyes and the color changes are smooth as silk.

My only wish here is that there was an option for a dark skin. This would allow those night owls, like myself, to play in the dark without hurting my eyes with the bright white background. Also, with the AMOLED screens for mobile devices becoming more prevalent and our ever-increasing desire for extended battery life, a dark skin would appease those battery-conscious players.


Colors United is a standard puzzle game that will fill your time just like any other. If you are looking for another app to add to your downtime rotation, do yourself a favor and give it a solid try.

Download and install from the Google Play Store.

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