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If you’ve ever played a music/rhythm game before, you know the premise is usually simple; listen to the music to react appropriately and progress through the game. In Dancing Line, from Cheetah Mobile, you guide a line through a constantly changing world by tapping to the beat of the music. The game starts out easy, but by the time you progress to the second level, you’ll find the challenge ramps up dramatically.

Tap on the screen anywhere to change the trajectory of the forever-moving line
Tap on the screen anywhere to change the trajectory of the forever-moving line

The overall look of Dancing Line is simplistic and clean. The world animates before you as you guide your line through the level. Your path becomes more clear as the world changes before you. Blocks will build up or slam down, paths will narrow or be revealed in a smooth animated way and weather effects will obstruct your view dynamically as you tap to the music. Cheetah Games has done a great job in building a clean and sharp, polygonal world for you to explore.

Being that Dancing Line is a musical game it’s important that the tunes are well composed and fitting. Thankfully both of these requirements are met in a satisfying fashion. The music is catchy with orchestral instruments layered in harmony to convey a feeling that pairs well with the visuals. It’s not music you’ll be humming years down the road, but it’s done well and fits perfectly within the aesthetic.

dancing line green
Dancing Line’s overall look is simplistic and beautiful at the same time

Dancing Line is a game focused on skill–and you’ll need plenty of skill to complete later levels. Fortunately, if you get stuck on one level, you can skip around to test your tapping skills on any one of the four main levels. From the level selection screen you can see how your furthest progression, but there are no checkpoints, so you always start from the very beginning. There are five levels to play through in total, although the final one is pay-to-play, and there’s also a promise of more levels to come soon. This is a fair amount as the difficulty and length of each level provides for a healthy amount of challenge.

If you fail a level (by running off of the course or into a barrier), you will have to use one of your cubes to try again. Your cubes are limited but there is an option to attain more cubes for more playtime. You can purchase 50 cubes for $.99 or get an infinite amount for 24 hours for $1.99; or just wait for your energy to recharge over time to play more in the future. Dancing Line is also ad-supported but offers the option to remove ads for a one-time payment of $4.99.

Dancing Line supports achievements and Google Play Game services to retain your completion level as your move between devices. Within the settings menu, you can toggle graphical quality in order to play on less powerful hardware, or turn off sound completely for a real challenge.

Cheetah Games has put together a respectable, albeit short, piece of gaming software that fans of the music genre can instantly enjoy. The challenge level is high and sometimes frustrating, but the overall experience is fun and engaging.

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