DDTank is a unique take on the tank combat genre, with a cutesy, anime-inspired art style, and RPG elements that make progression feel rewarding. It certainly isn’t a traditional military shooter.

Developer: Proficient City Limited

Cost: Free (with microtransactions)


DDTank is a funky game. The art style is more reminiscent of a JRPG than a strategy shooter, but it works for me. The sprites are colorful and cute, and you have some decent customization options for your character as you progress through the missions. Clothing, faces, and hairstyles, as well as items and weapons all allow you to make a neat looking little character for you to play. Although the progression after the intro sequences is a bit slower than I’d like, you still get these items at a fairly rapid pace, so you’ll always have a fresh look for your character.

Gameplay-wise, DDTank is a bit hit and miss for me. It isn’t terribly complex. Beyond some power-ups and super moves, the gameplay feels shallow. The shooting and aiming mechanics are a bit difficult to get used to as well; where you aim and where your projectile actually goes can sometimes be a bit off.

Also, enemies don’t seem to do significant damage to you unless you let the rounds drag on for a while, making the difficulty a bit too low for my taste. Perhaps this game is a bit more suited to a younger audience.

DDTank has a ton of modes as well, including a multiplayer arena and dozens of stages in the main campaign, to ensure that you’ll have something to do for a while. I would have liked to see some daily quests or maybe some challenge modes to try and add just a bit more to the game.

The developers could do a bit more to explain the controls and mechanics as well. The tutorials don’t really do enough to explain how exactly to aim, move, and fire. It’s up to you to trial and error your way to figuring it out for yourself.


I did have some fun playing DDTank, despite some drawbacks. The gameplay, while a bit shallow, does offer some interesting strategy, and some stages can get challenging. The amount of content and customization, along with the cute and fun art style, make this game a solid pick for kids or somebody looking for a different sort of game to occupy some time.

Download and install DDTank from the Google Play Store.

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