Don’t Touch the Cakes is an infinite runner-style puzzle platformer that has you guide a fruit through an obstacle course filled with pastries.

Developer: Finger Apps

Cost: Free (with ads)


  • Google Play Games support
  • Simple gameplay and cute artstyle
  • Great for kids


Don’t Touch the Cakes is easy to set up. Once you download and launch it for the first time, it will give you the Google Play Games prompt and one that’s done you’re ready to play.


Don’t Touch the Cakes reminds me of some of the older mobile games that I would play in class when I thought nobody was looking. It’s a simple game with one goal and you can complete multiple rounds in rapid succession. No long commitment or complicated rules to slow you down.Screenshot_20160420-120650

Basically, the objective of the game is to guide an adorable fruit through a randomly generated series of platforms while avoiding obstacles such as walls, small cakes or other pastries. You have one life to collect as many points as possible, in the form of hearts and small gems. The game mostly involves timing and patience, but you can also mash the screen to jump rapidly, you can sort of fly upwards ignoring gravity until you die or stop again. I’m not sure if it’s an intended feature or a bug, but it makes for some fun seeing how far you can get either way.

The gameplay is simple, and the stage is different almost every time, so it adds to the
challenge and makes for good replay value. However, I can see kids as the target audience for this game, something for parents to keep on their devices to placate a child. Adults can find fun here as well, but if you’re looking for depth and substance you may want to look elsewhere.

Art style for the game is cute and vibrant. There are multiple characters to unlock using 100
in-game points each, but most of them are too similar to each other to really be impactful. On the plus side, they’re
colorful and easy to unlock. The stage art can get repetitive, yet doesn’t get too boring to look at on a long session. However, the background has a noticeable line where the image ends and loops again, but besides that one issue the visuals pass

If I had to pick the one major drawback to the game, it’s got to be the soundtrack. There’s
only one song, and it’s a 15 second loop. The tune is harmless enough, but after hearing it 20 times in a row it begins to get old.


Overall, I liked Don’t Touch the Cakes. It’s fun and has a classic look and feel that harken back to the early days of smartphone gaming. If you are looking for a game for your kids to play, or just looking for a decent game to kill time while waiting in line somewhere or while in class, you can’t go wrong with Don’t Touch the Cakes.

Download on the Play Store

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