Droid Unlatch Reveiw

If you are like me and have multiple devices or are just not good at remembering passwords this is a must have app. Droid unlatch is the best solution for people who just can not remember their device password. Let’s face it security in a mobile world is becoming more and more important. Our phones are becoming our livelihood and tablets replacing or computers. Unfortunately you can not leave you device unattended without someones wandering eye gathering information about you. This leads to a predicament for the mobile user. Surely you do not want every device to have the same pattern, pin, or password. If you have one and someone figured it out now they have access to everything from personal pictures, accounts, wallets, messages, social media accounts, ect.

Android will lock a phone after several incorrect password attempts. This forces you to take the phone to the carrier and or manufacturer to unlock the device. Typically the unlock method is a factory data reset meaning starting back over. Most users have a vast majority of there devices customized and countless hours in apps and settings getting it to there liking. To start all over is a daunting task requiring multiple downloads and time getting everything back in your order.

Droid unlatch avoids this completely by providing a master pin via email and messaging. Forget the pass code three times and instead of aggravation your phones code has been changed to the master pin. The app works with or without a connection. Input the master pin and your phone is free to use again. With droid unlatch there is no more worry of forget a complicated password. It also allows the user to use more challenging pins or passwords providing more security for your device.

I attempted this on my daily phone to up the stakes as high as it would go. Without my phone for even short periods of time is devastating. First wrong pin, second wrong pin, third wrong pin “sweating heart rate elevating” enter and droid unlatch comes up. Still worried I input the master pin and like magic the device is unlocked. The app is very simple to set up with a simple set up. Warning make sure you have set up droid unlatch before trying once you lock the phone there is no going back. Another point is that after droid unlatch has saved the day you must go in setting and change the pass code. If you have not set it no worries your new pin is the master code until you change it. The is a must have for the power user with many devices or the forgetful.

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