Trivia games have been part of good old family entertainment for decades. Who can say they aren’t familiar with games like Jeopardy or Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?

Well in recent times, trivia games have made their way to mobile, so quiz fans don’t have to settle for being just spectators. They can join the game and show off their brain muscles.

Fancy yourself a know-it-all? Well, whether you’re in need of a brain workout or simply want to have some bun, there’s a wide selection of trivia apps available for your Android phone and tablet.

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For this article, we decided to come up with a list of the best trivia games you can install on your device right now. Let the fun begin and the facts flow.

HQ Trivia

What it is:

HQ Trivia is the live trivia game where you answer 12 questions on your phone to win real cash.

Why it’s fun to play:

  • Previously an iOS exclusive, HQ Trivia finally made it to Android a few months ago. Why is everyone so hyped about this particular trivia app? In part because it feels more like a game show than an app. Users from around the world get to participate and compete against each other from the comfort of their home.
  • Charming host Scott Rogowsky will ask you 12 questions in real-time (that increase in difficulty) and you have 10 seconds to answer. Get all the questions right and you win cash. Although you’ll have to split the daily prize (usually $2,500) with the other winners.
  • The app sends out a notification to your phone each time a game is about to begin, thus ensuring you are present for each round.

Install HQ Trivia


What it is:

QuizUp allows you to engage in PvP battles to show off your erudition. Pick your favorite category and dominate!

Why it’s fun to play:

  • Unlike HQ Trivia, QuizUp lets you choose a preferred subject. So you’re good at history or perhaps art? Test your knowledge by choosing the exact topic which you excel at.
  • QuizUp also has a social component. It lets you meet and interact with people who have similar interests.
  • Special categories are added around big events or when new movies are released.
  • You can win badges and awards, so you show off your might!

Install QuizUp

Trivia Crack Kingdoms

What it is:

A trivia app with a similar approach to QuizUp. With one big difference – the cartoony graphics and unique characters included meant to spice up the gameplay.

Why it’s fun to play:

  • Trivia Crack Kingdoms lets you subscribe to specific categories or channels and then engage in head-to-head trivia battles with other know-it-alls.
  • You can get localized content in up to 18 languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Swedish or Korean.
  • For even more fun, open boxes to uncover unique characters who will give you specific challenges (ex: Queen: Answer five questions correctly in 30 seconds to get a special prize).

Install Trivia Crack Kingdoms

Trivia 360

What it is: A free quiz brain which claims to be able to give your brain an “immaculate boost” by challenging you with a variety of trivia puzzles.

Why it’s fun to play:

  • The app has a clean and colorful interface that’s very inviting and fun to look at.
  • Comes with different types of puzzle categories including Class 4-answer questions, true/false questions, flag quiz, landmark riddles and more.
  • Gives you access to the leaderboard, so you can check how other online players are performing in this trivia game.

Install Trivia 360

Logo Game

What it is:

As the name suggests, this is a specialized trivia game focusing on logos. It’s prefect for people who think they know all the companies around the world.

Why it’s fun to play:

  • A trivia games for those who are passionate about company brands. The app includes 86 unique logos and features up to 2,625 brands from all over the world.
  • The app includes a retro level that allows you to test your knowledge of past company logos and images.
  • Levels increase in difficulty as you play, but you have 6 unique hints to help you complete the levels.

Install Logo Game


What it is:

Quizoid is a relaxed, single player trivia game which mainly focuses on testing and developing your knowledge of facts.

Why it’s fun to play:

  • The app includes a database of more than 7,000 question in 17 categories, so there’s something for everyone.
  • Got a question wrong? No worries, the game gives you three lifelines (50/50, 2-shots and change question), so you can keep playing.
  • There are 3 game modes to take advantage of including Classic mode, get 20 questions without game over or play against the clock.

Install Quizoid

Knowledge Trainer: Trivia

What it is:

A quiz app for smart people that aims to stimulate your brain with high-quality and challenging questions.

Why it’s fun to play:

  • The free part of the game includes 20 lessons with 200 challenging questions. Each lesson tests your knowledge with 10 question from 10 different categories. The aim is to improve your general knowledge with regular training.
  • You get 5 difficulty levels for each training categories.
  • The app has a review function for missed questions.

Install Knowledge Trainer: Trivia


Where is that?

What it is:

Excel at geography? Then this app is exactly what you’re looking for. To put it simply, this is a trivia game app with a focus on geography.

Why it’s fun to play:

  • The game asks you where a particular city, country, or even landmark is located by dropping a pin on the map.
  • The app features a multi-player mode which lets you hook up 8 players to one device.
  • There are 1500+ locations in 15 categories and you also get a Wikipedia link for every location. Learning time!
  • The trivia game is available in multiple languages including Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese and Russian.

Warning: the constant adds might make the game a bit frustrating to play, but nevertheless the concept is great!

Install Where is That?

Have you tried any of these apps before? If not, which one would you try out first?

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